REACH Visibility Trajectory™: Attract Your Ideal Audience With Website Copy That Screams Wow

REACH Visibility Trajectory™: Attract Your Ideal Audience With Website Copy That Screams Wow

In case you didn’t know, your website shows you’re legit — people always check if you have one before they work with you. 

It also gives YOU the confidence to take action that will lead to sales because you know your website is going to back up whatever you’re putting out there into the world. 

Having an attractive website is so important that it’s the dedicated “A” in REACH Visibility Trajectory™.  

The REACH components are: 

R – Research your target market.

E – Engage and connect with your audience through messaging tactics.

A – Attract clients with web copy that screams WOW. ← you are here

C – Create a funnel to automate lead generation and nurturing.

H – Hook prospects with tactical strategy.

There’s more of course, but having a website that’s optimized to be a 24/7 sales tool means that you’re primed for success.  

The Customer Journey and You

At this point in REACH Visibility Trajectory™, you’ve collected all the data you need on potential customers and decided how you want to show up in the marketplace.  Congratulations! Seriously, that’s a big deal…

So big you might want to scream aloud. 

Here’s the thing about screaming though…you don’t want to make people scream unless it’s shrieks of joy. 

So how do you do this? With website copy (and, you know, also a website itself) that streamlines the customer journey.

What customer journey, you ask?

The one you uncover and map out during the research phase.  

Remember how I mentioned how having a website that is optimized for a 24/7 sales tool means you’re primed for success? The customer journey is part of it.

If you have your website already, it may need a few tweaks (or even a total overhaul) to deliver on what you’ve learned so far. If you haven’t carved your space out on the world wide web, or you need to optimize it, keep reading! 

Whichever road you are on when it comes to your website, getting started can be the toughest challenge.

And, whether I’m coaching Whomp Whomp to Wow students on writing their own website copy or explaining why you need a killer website, I have the same advice: 

Basically, you need to start with the essentials 

  1. Who you are.
  2. Who you serve.
  3. How you serve. 
  4. How to contact you.

Now, the best sites have a heck of a lot more (and some strategy), but no shade thrown if you decide to put up a single page site that covers the basics.  

And as you grow your site (or build your one pager), you’ll need a hero…

…I’m not talking about a member of the Avengers. 

The first thing you see when you navigate to a website is called a hero section because it’s where you set your client up as a hero.

Here’s the gist of the idea: (Sorry Donald Miller, this thing is super streamlined — seriously, go read his book!)

In just about every story you encounter,  the main character is the hero who is on a journey and encounters a problem…and in this story (aka the story of your business), that’s the problem you solve. So it’s your website’s job to set you and your company up as the expert and guide who can help them solve the problem and reach their goals.

After doing customer research, you’ll have discovered your clients’ specific goals and the roadblocks that stand in their way. So the challenge then is positioning your business and services as the solution. 

Before you put pen to paper, you’ll want to ask a few questions:

  • How do your products or services help them overcome these challenges? 
  • What specific results can they expect? 
  • What can they do as a result? 
  • Who are you, and why are you the person to solve these problems?? 

And, finally — and you can’t overdo this one — how can your audience reach out to you to make these goals a reality? 

Piecing It All Together: Research, Engage And Attract

Once you have this foundation, you can double down on your big goal: writing website copy that converts.

Putting your customer into the hero’s shoes will help them clearly visualize the path and possibility of the significant promise you’re making.  

But, remember: you’re selling an outcome, not a deliverable

You’re not selling the $59.99/month gym membership with a 2-year contract. You’re offering people the chance to build extraordinary endurance and massive muscles, and be able to button their pants without a rubber band.

Or, you can go the extra mile and sell the idea of community from the comfort of our homes. Thank you, Peloton (swoon).

The most successful brands understand the focus is on such aspirations, and so they promise to give you just that — — a result, a big hairy-yet-achievable result.  

It’s good to note that there are tons of ways you can make your website copy stand out

But sometimes more is just more. 

Pick the techniques that align most with your customers’ needs and you’ll start attracting your ideal audience — and simultaneously increase conversions 

Be Their Go-To Guide

So you have your four main ingredients, you pieced everything together with one big hairy-yet-achievable promise, and you maintained consistency in your messaging. Now your audience has to decide: will they choose you to be their guide as they strive to become the heroes of their story? 

If you’ve positioned yourself as the expert who understands them, their pains, and their ultimate goals, then it may be straightforward for them to take the next step. (What’s that next step? That’s the CTA, and it should be so awesome people wanna click it.)

Writing your own website copy can be a HUGE headache, but it doesn’t have to be.

That’s why I created Whomp Whomp to Wow

An Optimized Website Is Just The Start

Once you’ve got your copy in hand (whether you write it or someone else does), your site designed, and your launch finalized, your work isn’t done. The next steps are creating your funnel and hooking clients with strategic marketing — the next components of the REACH Visibility Trajectory™. 

Or maybe your copy is pretty decent already or only needs a quick punch up. If it’s doing its job, the next step is building up that funnel action. 

Or maybe you’d like some expert advice to make sure you are on the right track. 

Whatever your stage, I can help. Some people choose to hire me for an audit and others for 1:1 services. Then again, there’s Whomp Whomp to Wow, where you get my strategy and templates to write your own copy.

Not sure where to start? Grab my free check-up. It’s loaded with my audit process, the 10 things I focus on when auditing a site, and 30 quick fixes you can implement right now. 

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