REACH Visibility Trajectory™: Attract Your Ideal Audience With Website Copy That Screams Wow

REACH Visibility Trajectory™: Attract Your Ideal Audience With Website Copy That Screams Wow

Ready, Set, ATTRACT with a 5-star website! That’s right, your website — your small piece of real estate on the internet — is like a fine-dining experience with a prix fixe menu specially curated for your ideal clients.  

Do you need to go from a one or 2-star website to a 4- or 5-star? What about no stars? My YouTube video on why you REALLY need a website for your business clarifies the value of a website for your business outlines the four major reasons you need one. 

In a nutshell, your website shows you’re legit — people always check if you have one before they work with you. It also gives YOU confidence to take action that will lead to sales because you know your website is going to back up whatever you’re putting out there into the world. 

There’s more of course, but having a website that’s optimized to be a 24/7 sales tool means that you’re primed for success.

First, though, you need to write compelling website copy that attracts your ideal clients by showing them the possibility of working with you.

It’s not a coincidence that “Attract” is the third element of my REACH Visibility Trajectory™, a framework I designed to help goal-oriented business owners increase their growth, clarify their messaging, and adopt proven tactical strategies to connect with their customer base. 


The REACH components are: 

R – Research your target market.

E – Engage and connect with your audience through messaging tactics.

A – Attract clients with web copy that screams WOW.

C – Create a funnel to automate lead generation and nurturing.

H – Hook prospects with tactical strategy.

Once you’ve completed the research and engagement steps of the REACH Visibility Trajectory™, you’ll be in a position to create mind-blowing web copy that reflects your core values and connects with your audience. 

Here’s how to make it happen. 

4 Must-Have Ingredients Of A Solid Website

The groundwork for how to write website copy starts with four key elements: 

  1. Who you are.
  2. Who you serve.
  3. How you serve. 
  4. How to contact you.

The word you is present in all these elements for a reason — I’m talking to you, a very real human reading this somewhere on the other side of the internet. And writing conversationally to other humans should be how you write online, using “you” to make people feel heard.  

If you’re still following the rules for writing you learned in school, it can be a tough shift, however it is possible to shift your copy to focus on your audience and go from me to you in your writing


You Need A Hero

The main section of your website is called a hero section, because it’s where you set your client up as a hero — which is the basic premise of Donald Miller’s StoryBrand framework. I don’t follow it 100%, but I do use it as inspiration for most of the copy projects.

Here’s the gist of the idea: In just about every story you encounter,  the main character is the hero who is on a journey and encounters a problem…and in this story (aka the story of your business), that’s the problem you solve. So it’s your website’s job to set you and your company up as the expert and guide who can help them solve the problem and reach their goals.

After doing customer research (Step 1 of REACH), you’ll have discovered your clients’ specific goals and the roadblocks that stand in their way.

So the challenge then is positioning your business and services as the solution. Well before you put pen to paper, you’ll want to ask a few questions:

  • How do your products or services help them overcome these challenges? 
  • What specific results can they expect? 
  • What can they do as a result? 
  • Who are you, and why are you the person to solve these problems?? 

And, finally — and you can’t overdo this one — how can your audience reach out to you to make these goals a reality? 


Piecing It All Together: Research, Engage And Attract

Once you have this foundation, you can double down on your big goal: writing website copy that converts.

In this stage, you’ll rely on the results of your customer research and messaging platform, which you worked on in the Research and Engage steps of the REACH Visibility Trajectory™.

As you infuse storytelling into your copy, you can paint powerful pictures that play on all five senses to help them picture themselves in your hero’s shoes and, in turn, clearly visualize the path and possibility of the big promise you’re making.  

Remember, you’re selling an outcome, not a deliverable. 

For instance, if you’re trying to sell gym memberships, you’re not selling exercise classes or equipment. You’re offering people the chance to build bodacious biceps and massive muscles, be able to button their pants without a rubber band  — and, if you’re Peloton (swoon) — you’re selling the idea of community from the comfort of our homes. 

The most successful brands understand the focus is on such aspirations, and so they promise to give you just that — a result. 

Mention your big promise in your headlines, your calls to action, and across your entire site using the words your audience uses to describe their problems and ideal outcomes. You can find this by using data from your voice of customer (VOC) research. 

VOC refers to the specific words your customers use to express how they feel and think. It’s the quintessential strategy to establish a connection and make your audience trust you. 

Finally, there are lots of techniques you can use to make your website copy stand out, and by doing so you’ll start attracting your ideal audience — and simultaneously increasing conversions. 


Score Major Points With Consistency In Your Website Copy

The pages on your site vary depending on your niche, your audience, and your business. However, they should all have one thing in common: they aren’t about you. Not really anyway.

Most sites feature home, about, services, and contact pages. Blogs are also common — and one of the best marketing tactics — if you’re able to update yours on a regular basis (and regular can be once every 1-2 months as long as you’re consistent).. 

The reality is that your site isn’t about you at all — instead, it’s about your audience and their needs — and how you can help them.

And the truth is that each page on your website is effectively a sales page, or an opportunity to show how you can help your clients achieve their goals by showing how your background, experience, and values make you the perfect candidate to solve their needs.

 Hear this — a sales page doesn’t have to be salesy. In fact, in my philosophy, it’s all about showing empathy and carefully infusing phrases from your messaging platform and VOC research into your copy to show your clients you truly understand and empathize with their challenges. 

When you layer in these phrases all over your site, your consistent messaging cultivates a sense of familiarity with your brand so that your audience can get to know you.


Be Their Go-To Guide

So you have your four main ingredients, you pieced everything together with one big promise, and you maintained consistency in your messaging. 

Now your audience has to make a decision. 

Will they choose you to be their guide as they strive to become the heroes of their story? 

If you’ve positioned yourself as the expert who understands them, their pains, and their ultimate goals, then it may be very easy for them to take the next step. (What’s that next step? That’s the CTA and it should be very clear on your home page.)


Add More Value With Exceptional Web Copy Strategies

In addition to what I’ve mentioned above, I covered the 11 essential web copy strategies to make it more obvious to potential clients why they should hire you.

Yes, writing your own website copy is a headache. It is 100% doable, but the reality is that it’s hard to figure out what matters most when everything is important. 

And even as copywriters who spend our days extracting the key messaging from our clients and their customers, doing it for ourselves is insanely difficult. (That’s why I created Whomp Whomp to Wow — a 21-day copywriting intensive to start and finish your website copy.) 


An Optimized Website Is Just The Start

Once you’ve got your copy in hand (whether you write it or someone else does), your site designed, and your launch finalized, your work isn’t done. The next steps are creating your funnel and hooking clients with strategic marketing — the next components of the REACH Visibility Trajectory™. 

Or maybe your copy is pretty decent already or only needs a quick punch up. If it’s doing its job, the next step is building up that funnel action.

Whatever your stage, I can help. Book a free consultation call with me, and together we’ll work out how to revive and amplify your brand positioning.

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