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Turn your website into a 24/7 sales tool that keeps your clients REACHING for you.

The ULTIMATE Website Copy Checkup shows you how to stop spinning your wheels and start attracting perfect-fit clients.

Get access to a free download that

  • Outlines the website audit process I’ve used with nearly 100 websites
  • Show you the 10 areas to focus on
  • Shares 30 quick win fixes you can make #rightnow

After using the ULTIMATE Website Copy Checkup, you’ll know how to ensure your website delivers in FOUR key ways:

  1. By giving you legitimacy
  2. Building credibility
  3. Positioning you to solve your audience’s problems
  4. Giving you the confidence to take action

Hi, I'm Erin Pennings!

I’m a brand messaging strategist and copywriter who helps small business owners like you hone in on your message and craft website copy that meaningfully connects you with the real humans in your audience so you can build momentum.

“What’s that experience?” you ask…

Well, I’ve written and audited copy for closing in on 100 sites. And, when it comes to website copy, I’ve seen it all–from superstar awesomeness to “well, that’s something.”

And you deserve to be a superstar. That’s why I created this checklist.

I want to help you create copy that turns your clients into instant fans who can’t wait to work with you.

Think of this download like a shortcut to two decades of experience figuring out what turns lookers into buyers. And it’s yours, free.

Let’s dig in…

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Grab the check up!