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Get strategic and tactical solutions to your biggest marketing challenges

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Imagine…having a pipeline of customers waiting to work with you. The truth is that you CAN have a months-long waiting list EVEN if you haven’t put much effort into marketing yet.

Maybe you’re pivoting your business or offerings and need to make sure your messaging and marketing strategy fits… 

Or maybe you’re launching a BRAND-new big idea…

Then again, maybe you’re scaling and need strategic copywriting support to build and leverage brand awareness…

That’s why founder-led businesses hire me.

So that's great, but what does a project ACTUALLY look like?

Just like your business is 100% unique (because of your secret sauce), every project has a unique flavor profile that we’ll use the REACH Visibility Trajector™ to uncover.

However, if you’re wondering what you can expect a typical flow to look like, there are three key steps

Step 1: Kick-off to reaffirm schedule and deliverables. (If it’s a long-term project, we’ll set a check-in schedule.)

Step 2: After we dig in and create your strategy and copy, you’ll get a Loom overview of the deliverables and guidelines for next steps.

Step 3: Now it’s time to polish. Every project includes a Live Review call so we can run through any questions and changes live and give you the final deliverable.



Get conversion-focused messaging that bridges the gap between where your clients are now and where they want to be so they choose you every time.


Get research-driven conversion-focused copy that delights your customers by showing them you understand their problems and have the perfect solution.


Feed your marketing machine with a 90-day strategy that blends blogs, email and social to fuel your funnel and attract, nurture and convert leads.


Connect buyers to your offers—products, services, courses, etc. Get a roadmap to build your audience, authority, and conversions.

Want to skip to the front of the line?


Got a project that you need to get done quickly? Web copy, sales pages, and email sequences are a perfect fit. Take a bite out of time and get your website copy done fast! Choose either 1 or 2 days.


Get priority access with a copywriting subscription. Perfect if you’re pivoting your business and have a lot of copy projects, have priorities that change often, or just have a lot of stuff on the to-do list.

Today was amazing and I’m so relieved to have met someone who ‘gets’ what I’m doing and can easily write in something close to my voice. THANK YOU! PS – AND IT WAS FUN, TOO!
Jennifer B. Gardner
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