Get words so tasty your clients come back for more!

Raise your hand if you want to be absolutely irresistible to your clients!

Of course, you want to be better than the chips and salsa you can’t help but reach for…you want to be the guac, baby! So let’s turn you into the ULTIMATE snack with a visibility and copy strategy tailored to your unique needs. 

You don’t need to imagine a world where you have killer research, strategic insights, and awesome messaging as aces up your sleeve. You CAN have the tools and the right message that make it easy to connect with your dream clients…

It all starts with a quick phone call to evaluate your needs, and whether you need results in a day, a week, or something longer… so let’s go!

What Does Working Together Look LIke?

Working with me (and my team), you can be confident that you have a rock-solid strategy, spot-on messaging, and a step-by-step game plan to connect with your ideal clients. Together, we’ll dig deep into:

  • WHO your audience is,
  • WHAT their problems are, and HOW they talk about them,
  • WHEN in their journey they’ll need your help,
  • WHERE they hang out, and
  • WHY you are the solution


You make me feel like I am not going to jump off a ledge with words. I love you.
Pamela Meister
Business & Lifestyle Strategist, Organwise

Here are some of the ways we can propel your business forward:

VIP Strategy Hour

You have B2B messaging and marketing questions and ideas and need someone who can help you see how they fit into the big picture of your goals.

These dedicated sessions help you get clarity on what you need and clear next steps to help you get there. 

This is YOUR VIP Hour so you decide how we spend it.

Want to Book Me for a Half Day or a Whole Day?

Imagine… getting that copy project (or hey, projects plural, even) off your plate, still getting EVERYTHING ELSE done, and getting to happy hour!

Today was amazing and I’m so relieved to have met someone who ‘gets’ what I’m doing and can easily write in something close to my voice. THANK YOU! PS – AND IT WAS FUN, TOO!
Jennifer B. Gardner
Roam Howl

Website Copy to Attract Your Audience

Your website sets the stage for what people expect from your company.

Think of an awesome website like inviting people to a party.
If you roll out the red carpet with an embossed invitation delivered by a babe in a tux, your clients will line up to attend and expect big things, and plan to pull out their wallets.

When we work together on your site, you’ll get copy that speaks directly to your clients love and a layout guide (wireframe) for the words to help you picture what it will look like on the page.

(Babe in tux not included.)

Drive Profit With B2B Funnel Action

Build momentum and visibility with a funnel that nurtures and converts clients.

Our custom-designed funnel uses an omni-channel approach to deliver on what your clients NEED to know in order to buy from you so you can deepen your market share.

Better than a pinata at a party, this content strategy keeps giving, because it helps you build brand awareness, engage with your clients, and generate momentum.

Together, we’ll develop a strategy and marketing plan designed to support your B2B goals.

Not sure where to start?

Our actual work together follows my EDIBLE framework. It's a process that lets me dive into what makes you so appealing to your clients so I can write the words that let you stand out!

Here's how it works:

We’ll sit down, figure out where you are, and where you want to go. And then together, we’ll determine the steps for getting there.

We’ll survey your customers, mine your reviews, and do SEO research to get the right words…we combine those with how you want to show up so that we are sure to use the right flavor and tone to attract your ideal clients.

Now we write… I immerse myself in your business, digging into the ins and outs of who you are, who you serve, and I sit down and I write your copy so that you get powerful words that speak to your prospects and turn them into customers.

As I create your copy, I place the words into a Google Doc to give you (and your/my web developer) a feel for how the words will look in the final, designed website. 

Before our Live Edit session, I’ll present the copy deck and copy to you in a Loom video. After you’ve had time to marinate on it, we’ll review what you love and what you want to change in a 60-90-minute live video session, so that we can polish it together until it’s perfect.

Now, it’s bonus time!

You never know what sort of extras I might throw at you.

Whether it’s access to my course or workbooks, connecting with your designer, or offering implementation feedback, my goal is to make our work together easy, so that from concept to completion, your copy project goes off without a hitch. 

What's next?

After we complete the copy, we’ll have one more meeting.

You’ll get to give me feedback — what you love, what could have gone better, and what surprised you — and I’ll outline my recommendations for next steps and how we can keep building on your momentum with long term strategy.

Sounds awesome, right? 

Let’s do this!

Want to be confident in your site?

Grab our checklist to make sure your site is working 24/7 behind the scenes to attract and engage YOUR ideal clients!