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How to Build Your Best Lead Gen System

Your best lead gen system isn’t what you think. It has less to do with getting new leads than it does wowing the clients you already have. And in my business, I break it down in to four key systems. So why this topic? And why now? Client experience has been on my mind a lot […]

How to Create a Website Marketing Plan that Drives and Converts Traffic

In today’s world, your website is the backbone of your entire marketing plan, or it should be. In fact, done right, your website marketing plan can be one of the most effective inbound marketing strategies you use. Let me explain. While lots of people think of their sites as simple online brochures, the reality is […]

15 Feature Articles from 2023

2023 was a heck of a year. And whenever that happens, I find it important to reflect on what went really well. Here are some of my top feature articles, interviews, and bylines from 2023. The Copywriter Club podcast and article  Okay, so technically, my podcast episode was in 2022, and technically, it’s not an […]

Thought Leadership as a Marketing Strategy

Just about every marketing conversation I go into involves some mention of thought leadership. There’s a lot of confusion out there around what it is, how to create it, and how to make it rank for search. So I’m here to address all of that… And if you’re wondering why as a brand messaging strategist […]

How to Sell Without Being “Salesy” in Your Copy

“Salesy.” It’s a term I hear all too often. Especially when people (clients) tell me “My brand isn’t salesy,” or “I don’t want to come across as too salesy.” In my experience, the pushback isn’t against sales in general. No one wants to feel slimy or be perceived as that door-to-door salesperson. But selling? It’s […]

The Invisibility Dilemma: Telling Your Story in Public

My framework, the REACH Visibility Trajectory is all about assembling the building blocks so you can show up and convert your audience. The only problem? Sometimes it’s all too easy (and comfortable) to be invisible. By failing to tell your story in public new prospects won’t discover you, and your existing audience may forget you […]

Telling Your Story: What Does it Actually Mean?

You’ll often hear me talking about the importance of telling your story and how to do it effectively.  I recently shared this video going through finding the right story to tell at a high level.     Prefer the reader’s cliff notes? Here goes. That means finding an effective way to tell your story everywhere […]

How to Practice Human-First Marketing

Human-first marketing and messaging should be everyone’s priority. And before anyone says “But I’m in the B2B space,” here’s some food for thought. Even though your *client* or customer may be a company, the company itself isn’t the decision maker. Humans are. So while there’s nothing wrong *per se* with writing copy and designing marketing […]

6 Messaging Mistakes and What to do Instead

Just because you can…doesn’t mean you should, especially when it leads to all kinds of mistakes or regrets.  Life and work are full of “can” but what about the “should”? Yes, you CAN run a 10k muddy obstacle race without training, but will your body work for you the next day? You CAN party like […]

Action or perfection: what’s better for your marketing and copy?

Ever felt like you’re on a marketing roller coaster, hanging between “let’s get it done already” and “make it 100% perfect?” Considering the never-ending question of action or perfection is a heck of a tightrope walk. And let me tell you…we’ve all been there, staring at copy or a strategic roadmap, wondering if  *muah* chefs-kiss ready […]

Brilliant Bitesize Brand Messaging Strategy Ideas for Your Business

As the entrepreneur of a small business, you may know how to connect with your ideal audience. This means meeting them at their level, drawing them in, and delivering value so you secure the sale. Once you wow your customer and produce repeat sales, you have accomplished most of the hard work.  When you create […]

The 4 Things Your Site Should do for Your Business

The 4 Things Your Site Should do for Your Business

How often do you apologize for your website? Nearly everyone who owns a business has been there. The reason? Well, that varies…and here are a few of the most common: ❌You don’t have a website at all. ❌You haven’t touched your site in years, and it looks like it was made circa 2009 or (shudder) […]