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You CAN turn your customers into super-fans obsessed with your business WHEN you have the right message

Finding the seemingly magic message that draws clients like a moth to a flame? That’s not always easy, whether you:

  • Just don’t have the time to dive in
  • Feel like there’s a disconnect between what you’re building and how you’re talking about it
  • Have an outdated website that doesn’t reflect your company today
  • Struggle to positioned yourself as a leader in the industry. 


And truthfully, it’s hard to get a mile-high view when you’re in the middle of it all. That’s where having the right partner comes in handy.

Erin Pennings at your service

As a brand messaging strategist, copywriter, and marketing consultant, I partner with leaders like you who have a big vision and need help getting there, whether that means making a pivot, scaling your business, or stepping out of a day-to-day role to manage things more effectively. 

Part strategy nerd, part problem-solver, I draw on 20 years of finding creative, actionable solutions to the problems that keep you up at night, like:

  • Finding messaging that reflects your brand and speaks to your customers.
  • Nailing your website copy so you can stop apologizing for it.
  • Turning your marketing into a well-oiled machine that keeps running even when you don’t have the time.
  • Rethinking your lead follow-up process so you’re confident that your client acquisition pipeline is engaging qualified leads 
  • and… so much more.
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20 years of experience on the road less traveled

Erin Podcast (3)

While it’s scary to admit that I have 20 years of experience in marketing, because that means big birthdays, when I introduce myself as a speaker, I tell people that all roads have led me to this point.

While I grew up in the travel industry and have a degree in Anthropology and Spanish, the truth is that every job I’ve held has focused on marketing and copywriting, including traffic and project management at an agency. It’s always been about finding the angle that draws people’s interest and engages them, and then following a process to deliver consistently.

So when my father passed away in late 2014 and I had an epiphany that no one would give me the life I wanted unless I created it myself. I quit my job, and after spending a summer hiking around south central Alaska with my 18 month old and our friends, leapt into freelance writing and marketing contracting.

Then in 2019, I decided to leap even further and launch my own thing. CopySnacks was born. With 2 young kids, failure was not an option, and I’ve never looked back.

Why "CopySnacks"?

My business started out as EP Marketing, LLC so I could put something on the invoices. But I knew if I ever wanted to grow the business and make it more than just Erin Pennings, I needed to go bigger.

Fast forward a few months, a new name was on my mind, and I was driving around Green Bay, WI from cell phone provider storefront to storefront because they kept sending me to other locations to solve the plan issue I was having.

I was hangry, and my business was still in its infancy. All I wanted was chips and salsa (though I wanted to be responsible with dollars, and because they’re so danged addictive). 

There’s something there!” I thought. What are the parallels between your favorite snacks and your business? You want people to keep reaching for you like that irresistible bowl of chips, salsa, and maybe even my favorite guac. “It’s all about the snacks… CopySnacks.” 

Instead of gorging on the chips and salsa, I flew home, started pounding out all things CopySnacks, and began switching over the branding (and legal docs) for the biz.


The takeaway?

Appetizers are the ultimate snack and your business can be irresistible to your clients too...

So it’s time to dig into what’s keeping you up at night and create the perfect recipe to solve it!​

Ready to Get Started?

Fun doesn’t come first, but it’s an essential part of our work together...

“Together” being the operative word.

Great copy is the result of a collaborative effort, where our conversations dig deep into your expertise and your clients’ needs to create copy that builds a bridge between them.

And that’s not all. While my business was founded on great work, I also hold these values closely:

RELATIONSHIPS COME FIRST: Above all, people matter. Whether personal or professional, our relationship matters more than any transaction or contract. 

DO THE RIGHT THING: In my house, we have 3 rules, the first of which is “Don’t be a jerk.” This also applies to business. You can always count on me to be proactive, be fair, and own my mistakes. This means I won’t pull punches when I think something should be better or done differently, and when push comes to shove, I err on the side of doing the right thing, even if that means it costs me money.

PRIORITIZE GROWTH: The world is not a static place, and that means I’m always on the lookout for (and considering) better solutions and improve the way I practice my craft. While we won’t change platforms or adopt new processes for the simple sake of “modernizing” if there’s a better option, a way to simplify, or a way to grow skills, I’m all in.

HAVE FUN: We’re all ultimately here to pay our mortgages, put food on the table, and build a life we love. But none of us are here to be miserable. So while excellence matters, it’s also imperative to have fun along the way. 


Fair warning...

Small (and sometimes sticky) humans sometimes pop up to party in the background. 

They aren’t babies anymore, and post-pandemic, kids on Zoom aren’t unexpected. But, if the occasional interruption is a deal breaker for you, we might not be a good fit.

They’re why I do what I do and they might just add an extra laugh to our conversation.

Ready to Get Started?

Now...how about those snacks that inspired my company name and brand?

Seriously, let me teach you how to make the perfect guac!

It’s easier than you might think… and yep, it might just have you reaching for more.

Here’s what you need to have

  • 2 avocados, diced or mashed
  • 3 green onions, diced
  • 1 jalapeno, seeded & diced
  • 1 tomato
  • 1 bunch cilantro
  • 1 lime, juiced


Combine everything except the lime and mash together. 

Drizzle lime juice over everything. SERVE IT UP!
(if you’re not serving immediately, then pop in one of the pits, cover tightly with plastic wrap, and store in the fridge for up to 1 hour)

Psst… need a shortcut?
Add avocados to your favorite salsa. That’ll do in a pinch.

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