Whomp Whomp to Wow is designed to give you the know-how, advice, and accountability to get your new website off the back burner.

In less than a month, you can go from overwhelmed by your copy to confident your site can win 5-figure clients.​

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You already know it's past time to write the copy so you can relaunch your website.

You know, a kickass website that reflects the busines you’re building and…

… shows your clients you understand them AND their biggest problem.

… sets you up as the expert to guide them through that challenge.

… shows prospects what their life can look like after that problem is in the rearview mirror.


The only thing standing in your way is **ACTUALLY** writing your copy.

You already know it's past time to write the copy so you can relaunch your website.

You know, a kickass website that reflects the busines you’re building and…

… shows your clients you understand them AND their biggest problem.

… sets you up as the expert to guide them through that challenge.

… shows prospects what their life can look like after that problem is in the rearview mirror.


The only thing standing in your way is **ACTUALLY** writing your copy.

Delivering on the vision is exactly what you do for OTHER people.

The thing is, instead of sitting down to write new copy that reflects the business you’re building…

… you find yourself doing anything (and I mean anything) else and you end up:


Staring at a blank page, typing WORDS GO HERE over and over, willing the copy to write itself.

Stuck in analysis paralysis, never convinced that your copy is good enough, and questioning whether YOU are even good enough.

Pushing your own copy to the back burner in favor of something you can do, whether that’s client work, scrolling on social media, or watching paint dry.

Apologizing for your site (or the lack thereof) on sales calls.

And, you end up right back where you started…

… with copy you don’t love.

… never fully showcasing your awesomeness.

… and taking tons of valuable time that you could be spending on something profitable.


You’re in the right place and you’re NOT alone, because the hardest thing in the world is to write your own copy.

Hey there!

I'm Erin Pennings.

When it comes to website copy, I’ve seen it all–from superstar awesomeness to “well, that’s something.” As the founder of CopySnacks, I love talking through marketing challenges and sharing tactical advice for building consistent, reliable marketing that will move your business forward.

A copywriter with over 15 years of marketing experience under my belt, I’m also a marketing strategy geek who loves mapping out strategic workflows and finding creative ways to reach your audience.


I see you…heck…I’ve BEEN you.

Even with my crazy-awesome background in marketing… this is hard for me too. Writing your own copy is excruciating… and I’ll let you in on a secret … 

I agonized over my web copy for SIX MONTHS before I published it!

And then I got smart and developed a system...


I’ve studied hundreds of sites and audited + written copy for almost that many. And, along the way, I created a system that makes writing your website copy as easy as using simple tools and frameworks to translate what’s in your head directly into powerful, impactful copy. 

And, because I’ve been there myself, I don’t want you to go through the same headaches anymore… instead, I want you to take these four things to heart:



#1: Writing your website copy doesn't have to be so frustrating you want to throw your computer at a wall...or worse yet, quit completely

#2: You don't need to pull countless all-nighters writing your copy and obsessing about strategy, messaging, or user experience

#3 Your copy project and growing your business don't have to sit endlessly on the back burner forever... waiting while you get the inspiration to write great copy

#4: A website you love — that speaks to your clients and gives you the confidence to take action and grow your business — is within your reach.


What you REALLY need to get your website copy finally written and out into the world is a solid strategy and the accountability to make it actually happen.


Now imagine how you’d feel if your clients got to your site and said,

“Wow, I want to work with you! Sign me up now!


Awesome design only gets you so far. The right words make all the difference. When your prospects see your site and think “This person totally gets MY problem!” you’ll be on track to get more bookings, make more money, and choose the projects you want!  



for copywriters and consultants

A 28-day web copy intensive designed to help you take your website from whomp-whomp to wow so that it truly reflects the business you want and attracts your ideal clients! It combines strategy and accountability with my templates to help you start AND finish your copy so you can launch your site already!

I‘ve taken everything I’ve learned from in the last 15+ years... to create a group program that will help you actually move your new website off the back burner so it goes to work for you 24/7!


Part Strategy

Part Accountability

Part Hot Seat Sessions

PLUS, you'll my templates and insights into the process I've used with over 100 clients and students so you can write your copy ... and do it well!

The Whomp Whomp to Wow 28-Day Web Copy Intensive

is for copywriters, coaches and creatives who want to translate what's in their brain onto their site so it reflects the business they want to build.

The intensive works across three key areas:


In addition to trainings and Q&A calls, the small group gives you the accountability to get it done, problem-solve together and share your work.

If you do the work, at the end of our time together, you'll be ready to plop that copy into your site!


Having the know-how is one thing, implementing it is something else. That’s where this intensive comes in.

The Snack Bar, our community, gives you weekly group copy critique calls.

Each week you can bring your website copy and other projects and gain clarity and confidence that your words are effective.

Offering Ongoing Support After the Program Ends WITH THE SNACK BAR

Our program is 28 days long, and access to the info doesn’t disappear at the end.

In addition to access to the modules, you get an additional FOUR weeks of group feedback calls.

What's more you can get ongoing support with copy coaching beyond the 8 weeks included in this program.

WW2W testimonials

Just so we're clear...

Whomp Whomp to Wow is not a static course where you procrastinate and don’t end up with web copy.  This is a collaborative approach with accountability where we’ll talk through the group’s questions so that you can apply the lessons to your existing web copy!

In just 28 days, you’ll reframe and rewrite your website copy so that:

  • you’re speaking directly to your clients in words that matter to them,
  • showing them how you solve their problems, and
  • making it easy for them to say yes to you.

The end result? More clients, a website that reflects what you actually want to be known for, and a happier, more confident AND more profitable you.

Here's how it all breaks down...



Step 1 is PACKED full of content designed to help you make the most of the course.

As soon as you purchase the course, you'll get immediate access to:

  • The Whomp Whomp to Wow Introductory Training  to explain how the course works and what to expect. 
  • The Ultimate Website Copy Playbook to give you a head start on what we're covering
  • The Make Me Tasty Exercise to help you define the who, what, when, where, why, how of your business -- and more importantly, why it matters!
  • The What the Heck is My USP? Training, so you can begin defining what sets you apart.
  • A USP Mad Libs Exercise to help you identify what makes you stand out and what is important to your clients


Hit a Home Page Home Run

We’ll explore the components of your home page, how to reframe your messaging to speak directly to your clients so that you can start writing copy that converts people from day 1.

You’ll get access to:

  • A Home Page as the Client Journey Training, so that you understand how to structure your home page to make the client journey seamless.
  • A What's In a CTA Training, so that you have tactical advice for implementing them.
  • The Define Your Client Journey Roadmap so that you can create a home page that guides your client through your site and through working with you.
  • The 8 Steps to a Better CTA Handout to help you knock it out of the park.
  • The Ultimate Web Copy Template (and "not-wireframe") Training to show you how I map out web copy and frame it up in a Google Doc.
  • The Not-a-Wireframe Home Template to help you frame out your Home Page.



We’ll explore why your About page is less about you than it is about your customer, and how that affects what you include. You’ll learn key elements of an About page so that you can write one that will rock their socks off.

You’ll get access to:

  • A Your About Page Isn't About You Training to show you how to tailor your about page to your clients’ pain points.
  • How to Write a Bio that Makes You IRRESISTIBLE Training so your bio works as a sales tool.
  • The About You/About Me Worksheet and Guidelines to help you identify how your background solves their problems.
  • The About Page Roadmap to help you create an about page that supports your business.
  • The Not-a-Wireframe About Template to help you frame out your About Page.


Serving Up Services

We’ll explore your services, and how to set them up and package them so that they’re enticing to your clients. 

You’ll get access to:

  • A Turn Your Services Page into a Sales Page Training that explains how to structure your services page so that your clients want to say yes.
  • Create Packages and Services Your Clients Will Buy Training so you know how to structure your packages and build value.
  • A Packages and Services Positioning Worksheet so that you can lay out what you’re offering and how to position it.
  • The Services Page Roadmap so you have a structure and ideas for creating your content.
  • The Not-a-Wireframe Service Template to help you frame out your Services Page.

And because I want to support you throughout the program, you'll also get access to:

exclusive bonuses

Bonus #1

8 WEEKLY Group Calls

A $1000/month value

Wish you had access to weekly office hours to solve your copy and strategy challenges AND monthly trainings? ALL Whomp Whomp students get complimentary limited-time access to The Snack Bar membership as a founding member. With a monthly value exceeding $1000, this is an incredible bonus! (Additional months are available at $99/month)

Bonus #2

Ultimate Website LAUNCH PLAN

a $297 value

This training gives you everything you need to launch your finished website. Plus, if you need to hire a designer, get access to my checklist of questions!

Bonus #3

How To Build A Website That Makes Money

a $297 value

Join left brain designer, developer, and podcast host Stephanie Hudson to learn the essential elements of your DIY website so that you have a solid design foundation for your new site.

Bonus #4

Packaging & Pricing Your Services + 1 Month of Co-Working Access

a $297 value

Learn how to build packages that work for you and your clients, and then price them for profitability with Pamela Meister, a business and lifestyle strategist for remotepreneurs, and the founder of The Zone Community, where there are co-working sessions every day of the week!



a $597 value (available until Friday October 22, 2021 at 8 pm central)

You see testimonials and recommendations all OVER the internet, but how do you get recommendations that actually help convert prospects to clients? And how do you get one for almost every project? It starts with knowing the value of a good testimonial, how to get them, how to mine them for the right words, and how to use them effectively on your website and in your marketing. Get a training as well as a checklist with my process and the EXACT questions I ask my clients and use to help them get great testimonials.

Bonus #1

Write like you speak MasterClass

a $297 value

This training will show you how to write conversationally and focus on what really matters to your clients — the benefits, so that you can speak directly to their needs as you write.



a $597 value (available until TUESDAY, October 26, 2021 at 11:59 pm central)

Find out how to leverage (and use) live reviews in your business. I’ll show you best practices for using live reviews to minimize back and forth revisions with you clients, help them feel heard, and get to the heart of the problem so you can close your projects and get paid faster!

This is your time to attract better-paying clients and own your awesomeness .

Sign up today for Whomp Whomp to Wow and get…

  • 4 Video Learning Modules
  • 12 Exercises, Templates, and Tools
  • Plus 4 GREAT Bonuses

But most importantly, you’ll walk away from this
program feeling confident that you have the right words to attract AND start booking more of your ideal clients


Your experience starts immediately .

Get started as soon as you join…

The CopySnacks 15-Day Guarantee

I’ve tested these copywriting strategies with dozens of Whomp Whomp students and nearly 100 websites. Point blank, they work and they’ll help you write website copy that speaks to your ideal client

I guarantee you’ll be satisfied with your results if you do the work. If you are not satisfied within 15 days of purchase, notify my team and we’ll refund you. 

Whomp Whomp to WOW with bonuses is worth more than $4500...
however, you're getting it for:

Whomp Whomp to Wow™

$ 697
  • 4 Video Learning Modules
  • 12 Exercises, Templates, and Tools
  • 2 Bonus Expert Workshops
  • Access to Private Slack Community
  • 8 Group Copy Calls

Whomp Whomp to Wow™

$ 1197
  • 4 Video Learning Modules
  • 12 Exercises, Templates, and Tools
  • 2 Bonus Workshops
  • Access to Private Slack Community
  • 8 Group Copy Calls
  • PLUS 30 Days of Voxer Support
  • PLUS TWO (2) 30-minute 1:1 Calls
  • PLUS a Website Copy Audit

When you join, you get immediate access to the course!

Doors close in...


There’s never been a better time to level up your website copywriting skills.

Your website could be working for you behind the scenes 24/7. If you put in the time now, in just a few weeks you could have a website you love…and better yet, that your clients love, too.


Know who they want to serve and how they want to serve them.

Need help translating what they do from their head to their website.

Are tired of spinning their wheels and want to get their site off the back burner.

Want a website that reflects the business they are building and speaks to their ideal clients.

Want to spend less time pounding pavement and start getting more qualified leads.

Whomp Whomp to Wow IS NOT for people who:

Are thinking of starting a business, but aren’t sure who they’re going to serve or what they’re going to do.

Think what they already have is perfect and has no room for improvement.

Aren’t serious about growing their business or putting in work.

Don’t want to command higher rates.

Are happy with everything about their business and don’t want anything to change.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to sign up for this right now?

A: Although you can join at anytime, joining now gives you access to a live cohort with baked-in accountability. And, if you need a push to get your website copy done so you can kick things into high gear and launch your site already, the time is absolutely now.

Q: Do I need to join all of the calls?

A: The short answer is no, you don’t need to join the calls. While they are a place to get friendly, yet effective feedback about your website copy, if it doesn’t work for you to attend, you’ll still get the same experience. You can still submit your work for feedback, and, if you want 1:1 time, the VIP experience gives you a full review of your website copy.  

Q: What if I’m too busy to finish the program?

A: Valid question. This program will require 3-5 hours a week of your time. If you’re doing work you don’t love at rates that make you sad, then you’ll want to find the time. Materials will be available for at least 12 months, so even if you fall behind, you’ll have access to materials and videos. And, if you want to join a future cohort, you can absolutely do so for a discounted rate.

Q: I’m not sure I’m ready for this program, how will I know?
A: If you have a website that isn’t attracting the right clients or doesn’t reflect the business you’re building, then the time is right. Even if you have an amazing graphic designer, you’ll need someone to write your copy… and that person? It could be you.

Q: How will I access the program? 
A: You’ll get immediate access to STEP 1 as soon as you click purchase below. 

Q: Do I get 1:1 support? 
A: You can send questions in prior to our weekly calls to make sure we cover them, and as time allows, we’ll offer hot seat sessions. After completing the course, you’ll get limited-time access to group calls, which has weekly office hours.

The VIP option includes two 30-minute calls (a $394 value), unlimited Voxer access (a $397 value), and a video audit of your copy (a $497 value).

Join the waitlist!

The truth is...

You — and your business — deserve a website that speaks to your clients.

Your clients deserve it, too. They need you, and a website makes it so much easier for them to find and trust you.

By choosing to say yes to WHOMP WHOMP TO WOW, you’re also saying yes to your clients and to meeting their needs.

More importantly, you’re also saying yes to continuing to build a business that gives you the life you want. Let’s do this!