Give your audience insights into getting visible and connecting with their clients.

Drawing on over 15 years of marketing + communications experience, Erin Pennings can show your audience how to unearth the hidden connections between their background and what they do now to create a visibility strategy that will get them in front of their ideal clients.

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  • Get Visible: The most underrated formula for getting leads
  • Turn Your Website into Your 24/7 Sales Tool
  • How to Write an Bio Your Clients Can’t Resist
  • Pump Up Your Pipeline: How to use what you’re already doing to get more leads
  • Entrepreneurship: Why you don’t need to be the Experty-ist Expert to start or succeed

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Official Bio

Part marketing strategy geek and part copywriter, Erin Pennings is obsessed with helping fun-loving movers and shakers like you gain visibility and connect with their ideal audience. Armed with over 15 years of marketing experience, she loves digging deep to unearth hidden connections between your experience and your clients’ needs to help you stand out with a visibility roadmap that draws on copy, strategy, and your strengths to give you the confidence to show up. 


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