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Take a BITE out of time 🫦
with a VIP Copy Dash

A VIP copywriting experience for entrepreneurs and copywriters tired of apologizing for their websites and hungry for high-quality website copy.

Quick bites yield exceptional flavor.
Or in this case, copy for your website.

Strategic website copy is one of the most important ingredients for a high-converting site. 

By speaking to your audience, it turns your site—and your business—into a take-my-money-machine

And if you’re ready to launch, pivot, or scale, getting great copy that fuels your funnel is vital for success. 

Meet your personal copywriting snack bar. 

Packed with exceptional flavor that aligns with your brand, and designed to provide you with high-quality copy in record time, so you can click publish and focus on building your company..

"Erin is a masterful writer who thoughtfully understands your needs and efficiently delivers copy that is on point and effective at communicating your message."
Verona Eaton

What will your VIP Copy Dash look like?

Think "choose your own adventure" meets marketing badassery with two irresistible options:

Single Serving Snack Pack

One Day. One Page.

Wildly effective home page copy that tells your story AND attracts your perfect fit clients. In addition to copy for your home page, you’ll get an outline for your about and services pages you can run with.

The structure of the day:

  • 9 AM Central time – 60-90 minute kick-off call
  • Check-ins over the next 24 hours on Voxer or WhatsApp mainly to ask questions
  • 24 hours after starting — your copy, with a Loom review

Investment: $1850

Triple-Threat Flavor Fix

Two Days. Three Pages.

Full-fledged copy for your Home, About, and Services pages plus a fill-in-the-blank style template you can use to flesh out your individual services pages, should you decide to create them down the road. 

The structure of the day:

  • 9 AM Central time – 60-90 minute kick-off call
  • Check-ins over the next 48 hours on Voxer or WhatsApp mainly to ask questions
  • 48 hours after starting — your copy, with a Loom review

Investment: $2850

Every VIP Copy Dash Features

Copy for your page in a Google doc, formatted like a wireframe so you can hand it to your designer.

Suggested headers and footers

60 minutes of Voxer or WhatsApp Q&A support over the next 7 days

Homework for you:

  • My brand strategy worksheet
  • My customer questionnaire
  • Any existing brand messaging 
  • Any existing customer research
  • Any existing SEO research


Here's what people are saying about their VIP Experiences

“I’d been noodling (more like agonizing) over my web copy and tried to do it myself for months and months.

Even though I had access to Erin’s Whomp Whomp To Wow course, I’d reached a point where I was so busy and drained from my day to day life and client commitments that I just couldn’t move the needle on my own.

Booking a VIP day with Erin was an absolute no-brainer because I know that I can trust her to complete my web copy and finally help me give birth to this beautiful web-baby. She’s an incredible copywriter, a smart marketer, and an absolute joy to work with. I can NOT recommend taking her up on a VIP day enough!”
Grace Fortune
Unf**k Your Launch Strategist
After working with you, the clouds parted and I honestly feel I could knock it out of the park. So all that you've done has been 1) not only helpful, so now I can ACTUALLY move onto next steps (my husband was SO sick of my "in progress" status) and 2) I have so much more confidence and clarity about me, my brand, what I can do - because I know I can do out of the gate. I really don't feel imposter syndrome at all.
Natasha Blimkie
Voice of Customer Barista

Brandi Holness, Founder, B. Holness Content

I’m so relieved to have met someone who ‘gets’ what I’m doing and can easily write in something close to my voice. THANK YOU! PS – AND IT WAS FUN, TOO!
Jennifer B. Gardner
Founder, RoamHowl

Sounds great, so how does it all work?

(I'm glad you asked...here's what you can expect)


Apply below for your VIP Copy Dash

Have questions about what we can do, or know you need a team?

Schedule a consult, or email me [email protected].


After scheduling your day, you’ll get a bit of homework so you can define for me what you do, who you do it for, and how you want to come across. 


Our kick-off call ensures that we are fully aligned on the project and have everything we need for success.

You’ll get updates via Voxer or WhatsApp.


I’ll hand it all over to you at the end of our time together.

But it doesn’t have to end there. You get an additional 60 minutes of support over the next 7 days. (and we can talk about more projects, too)


The ideas above are simply jumping-off points. If there’s something else you’d like to tackle and you want to make sure we can get it done, APPLY HERE with the details and we can discuss.

Short answer, yes! Those require the 2-day option.

Yes – I’m holding this time slot for YOU. So I do require payment in full prior to our day together.

Your VIP Intensive is non-refundable, but may be transferred to another date or service with 7 days prior notice and must be used within 90 days, pending availability.

Generally, volume discounts are not available and are provided at our discretion only. If you want to book multiple VIP Intensives in a 30-day period, apply and give me the details.

Because this is a VIP day, the goal is to get in, write exceptional copy, and get out so that you can implement it and hit publish. As a result, no rounds of edits are included. HOWEVER, you do get up to two hours of support for 7 days after the VIP day. AND, you also get a Loom overview of your copy so you can understand the decisions I made. 

Yes, of course. However, doing so means adding on a 1-day brand messaging workshop where we dive into your customers AND your brand to identify what you want to be known for. If that’s something you want to explore, just let me know in the application below.

Erin’s copywriting expertise was clear right up front when she helped me create a sales funnel for a paid course. She made solid recommendations for voice, content, and tone that helped me reframe my offer and the resulting email series has generated consistent sales. I definitely recommend working with her!
Elna Cain
Elna Cain


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