Action or perfection: what’s better for your marketing and copy?

Ever felt like you’re on a marketing roller coaster, hanging between “let’s get it done already” and “make it 100% perfect?” Considering the never-ending question of action or perfection is a heck of a tightrope walk. And let me tell you…we’ve all been there, staring at copy or a strategic roadmap, wondering if  *muah* chefs-kiss ready and good enough to take action, or if it needs more polishing until it sparkles like a unicorn at a disco (aka perfect).

So, if you feel like it’s a three-ring circus trying to figure it out, let’s dive into this fun house mirror maze of ‘done’ versus ‘perfect.’ Because the truth is there are times when done is good enough so you can take action and there are times when it has to be perfect. And still yet, there are times when “perfect” is an unachievable time-suck of imposter complex and it’s time to leave it behind.

The Done to Perfect Spectrum

Let’s first take a pit stop to unpack this spectrum, from the “done” end to the “perfect” end. What does it all mean in the world of marketing and copywriting? More specifically, how does it manifest in developing a strategy and executing it with copy and action?

First, when I say “done,” I am not implying you should hit publish on anything with sloppy, typo-ridden copy. Instead, I’m talking about a good-enough draft that makes your point, gets the message across, and doesn’t scream “I was written at 2am fueled by espresso shots and desperation.” It’s about strapping on your marketing boots and taking that first step into the big, wide world.

On the other hand, you’re human (at least I’m assuming so), and it’s okay to make errors. The occasional typo happens. (As does an email that is personalized to “FIRSTNAME goes here.” Or a totally wonky automation.) Just do your best to make sure it’s an exception and not the rule. Most people will forgive you for it.

But now, let’s talk “perfect.”

On the flip side, ‘perfect’ doesn’t mean you keep twiddling your thumbs until every word in your copy sparkles like no vampire ever should. It’s about fine-tuning and optimizing your content to reach its full potential. But a word of caution: be sure to avoid the dark side of perfection. Perfectionism can lead to constant tweaking, and you might end up like that hamster on the wheel, running but going nowhere. Waiting to take action until it’s completely perfect can mean you miss the opportunity in the market.

So if you want to think of it another way, where “done” gets you moving, “perfect” polishes you up. Each comes with pros and cons. But when and why might each approach be right for you?

The Art of Taking Action with “Done”

The land of “done” is a bustling place, full of victory dances because people like you got their copy out the door and into the world with a strategy to launch their offer or business. So, what’s the buzz all about?

Well, choosing “done” over “perfect” means quicker action. You launch that campaign, you test that idea, you beat your competition to the punch. It’s about being a hare in a world of tortoises, zipping through your to-do list, and seizing those juicy market opportunities before they go stale.

Consider Grace, an online entrepreneur with who is whip-smart and knows launches and courses like no one’s business. (P.S. Grace is a real person by the way.) One day, she realizes that the whole conversation around course and offer launches is changing from “I’ve got to do this” to “what has changed that this isn’t as impactful as it once was?”

Rather than spending months crafting an offer, copy, and a perfect marketing campaign, she leaps into action. Harnessing the energy of the moment, she quickly puts together new copy and offers (and a matching social + email strategy) that answer a timely and critical problem in her market. It’s damn good, but it may not be flawlessly polished. However, because it’s authentic, timely, and engaging she can sign lots of great business.

It’s about leveraging the moment and rolling with it. And that’s exactly what the VIP Copy Dash service aims to help you with. Speed, efficiency, and quality, all wrapped up in one shiny 1-2 day-long package, helping you make current opportunities rain for you.

Chasing Perfection: Rewards of Diligence and Detail

Now let’s shift our focus to the other end of the spectrum, where the allure of perfection beckons.

Imagine you’ve been developing a new product or service that’s a big deal to you. If you want to test it out, done is way better than perfect. However, if you’ve proven the concept and want to give it the splash it deserves, you probably want a red-carpet rollout, complete with velvet ropes and a legion of metaphorical paparazzi. (And because they’re metaphorical they can’t actually disrupt your life, making them the best kind.)

While you don’t want to obsess about the details to the point that you never take action, it’s worth taking the extra time to make sure you nail it.

This why having Done for You web copy and brand messaging services is absolutely vital. It’s about taking the time to make sure your message resonates with crystal clarity and unparalleled impact.

Navigating “Done” vs “Perfect” in the Real World

Oh, the real world — what an interesting place it is, right? Its ever-changing dynamics require us to be flexible, adaptable, and above all, smart about how we use our resources. This includes our words.

Let’s revisit the ‘done’ side of the spectrum first. Imagine you’re a fitness trainer and you’ve just developed a new virtual workout plan. Suddenly, a snowstorm (or *ahem* covid *ahem*) hits the majority of the country. People are stuck at home, unable to go to their regular gyms. This is the perfect time to get your workout plan out there. You don’t have time to wait for perfection – the snow will melt and so will your opportunity. This is the ‘done’ approach in action, perfect for a service like my VIP Copy Dash, to get effective copy fast.

Or suppose you’re a consultant specializing in remote work strategies. Overnight, something happens (*cough* covid *cough*) to shift your clients (or the world) to permanent remote work. It’s a golden opportunity for quick blog posts, emails, and LinkedIn posts that position you as a thought leader. This is where action wins over perfection.

Now let’s move to the ‘perfect’ end. Suppose you’re a luxury real estate firm marketing multi-million dollar properties. Your branding must be perfect, with attention to the finest details. Each word must paint a picture of luxury and exclusivity.  In this case, deep research and careful thought are required to get it just right.

Similarly, imagine you’re launching a boutique, high-end travel agency that designs custom trips packed with unique experiences. You can guess where you need to land.

Again, as a business owner, your unique positioning on this ‘done’ vs ‘perfect’ spectrum depends on several factors. And it’s your job to flex with all of them so you know when to prioritize action or perfection.

So What’s REALLY Better? Action or Perfection?

In the world of marketing and copywriting, ‘done’ vs ‘perfect’ isn’t black and white. As a business owner, you’re always treading a fine line between getting things good enough to go out the door and making sure they’re polished to a shine. And to be clear, done and ready for action doesn’t mean riddled with errors. It just means taking quick action so you can move the needle.

And it’s not a new concept. President Harry Truman hit the nail on the head: “Imperfect action is better than perfect inaction.” He was onto something. While the pursuit of perfection has its place, it’s the courage to take action—to launch that campaign, to publish that blog post—that often reaps the most rewards.

So, as you sit there, wondering whether to hit ‘publish’ on your next piece of content or tweak it for the hundredth time, remember the power is yours. Your unique business, your goals, and your audience can guide you on what’s best for right now. And if you need a little help along the way, well, that’s what I’m here for!

Want to explore your next “done” or “perfect” project? Let’s chat. Schedule a call now!

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