So You Have A Website... Now What? Using the REACH Visibility Trajectory™ to Build Momentum and Brand Recognition

So You Have A Website… Now What? Using the REACH Visibility Trajectory™ to Build Momentum and Brand Recognition

You finally did it. You’ve built or revamped, your website… Now what? 

After beaming your slice of the internet pie into outer space, it’s time to work on increasing your brand visibility.

You know, getting the right people to see you, connect with you, and actually want what you offer — all without wearing yourself out.

So, how do you do it?



You can feel around in the dark grasping for a strategy until you want to pull your hair out and maybe manage to get somewhere…

OR you can follow a framework with a step-by-step plan on increasing leads for a greater profit. 

My solution: The REACH Visibility Trajectory™. 

The REACH Visibility Trajectory™ is a digital marketing framework I created to help success-driven people like you build authority, boost industry visibility, and connect with your ideal market. 

Here’s how it works:

REACH Trajectory

The REACH components are: 

R – Research

E – Engage

A – Attract

C – Create 

H – Hook

By optimizing all the building blocks of REACH, you train your business to work for you behind the scenes so you won’t have to wear yourself out throwing pasta at a wall and hoping it sticks. 

Granted, if your website is up and running (you badass you), you may have already gotten through the first three components. If you haven’t or if you skipped a step — no judgment here! — it’s probably a good idea to revisit the R-E-A section. 

And to be totally honest, it’s a good idea for EVERY business to revisit them every few years to see how the marketplace has changed. (And if you have ANY questions about any of the steps, definitely hit me up, because there’s a lot that goes into it!) 

Let’s dive in and REACH.


Research Your Customers

R is for research and it should be the foundation of your online visibility strategy. You absolutely need to do research for your business to take off. 

Learn your customers’ needs and wants, their end goals or aspirations, the language they use, and where they are online. This phase usually includes a blend of market research and SEO research as well as review mining — yours and people you see as competitors.

I recently wrote this guide to customer research, the single most underrated marketing strategy for gaining brand visibility.

For more about market research as part of the REACH Visibility Trajectory™, stay on the lookout for our next blog by signing up for mostly weekly jolts of awesomeness (updates) on my newsletter

Read more about Research as part of the REACH Visibility Trajectory™ here.

Engage With Your Brand Values And Voice

Ok, so you’ve focused on research. Check.

Guess what? You’re next. 

To engage with others, you first need to explore what matters to you and how you want to be perceived.

What are your goals and core values? How do you speak? How do you want people to feel when they engage with your brand? 

In this stage, you also want to position yourself right in the market right by learning about your competitors. 

Whatever you find, remember to be authentic. 

Your customers may not even realize when they pick up on inauthenticity. Trust me, they do. Authenticity plays a BIG role in how potential leads will react to and engage with your brand. 

And your core values can help. 

Luckily, I created an exercise to find and use your core values. There’s, even more, to come on this phase soon.

Read more about Brand Engagement as part of the REACH Visibility Trajectory™


Attract Clients With Web Copy That Turns YOU Into a Snack

You’ve now collected all the data you need on potential customers. You’ve also looked within to determine how you want your audience to view your business.

If you’ve already got a website, at most, you’ll need to make a few major tweaks to reflect your findings.

At the least, keep the updated information from your research and engagement stages to use as you go up the REACH Visibility Trajectory™.

To make your website copy more snackworthy, you should also consider: 

  • Shortening your sentences. 
  • Using one-sentence paragraphs.
  • Inserting more white space. 
  • Changing your wording from being “me” to “you”-focused.
  • Infusing more words you love to give your web copy personality.
  • Being more empathetic when it comes to your customer’s pain points.

Got all that down? Great!

Still feel like your website screams whomp whomp? 

Level up with my Whomp Whomp To Wow Course! Jump onto the waiting list today and be first to know when the doors reopen.

If you’ve simply decided those major tweaks will be too much of a headache, yet you still want to have a website with fantastic copy, hit me up

I’ll offer audits that give you key insights on what you’re missing and my recommendations for fixing them. 

Read more about Attracting your Ideal Clients as part of the REACH Visibility Trajectory™


Create An Online Funnel For Brand Visibility

The next step in the REACH Visibility Trajectory™ means it’s time to CREATE your lead generation funnel. This FREQUENTLY is something I do as part of website copy for clients, but you can create, update, or change yours at any time.

Once they get to your site, either by referral, search, or valuable content, you have to give them a way to stick around. Usually, this starts with a lead magnet — which is frequently a freebie that gives them a quick win that prospects can download in exchange for giving you their email address.

Then, there’s usually an email sequence to help them get to know you and ultimately lead them to some kind of upsell.

Read more about growing your audience through lead generation and audience nurturing as part of the REACH Visibility Trajectory™


Hook Prospects With Tactical Strategy

At the final stage of the REACH Visibility Trajectory™, the Hook, you begin a 90-day omnichannel plan to gain even more brand visibility, build trust, and convert as much as possible. 

Before moving on, review your goals and identify the channels and strategies you can use to help you attain them. 

Then, it’s time to execute.

What content can you create and distribute consistently? How often will you create each piece of content? And when will you review your progress?

If you can answer these questions, you can answer the “now what” of your website journey. 

Read more about hooking your prospects with a tactical strategy as part of the REACH Visibility Trajectory™


Need A Helping Hand? 

On the other hand, if you’re struggling with any one of these steps, don’t lose hope. 

Success is not only possible. It’s right around the corner! 

Soon, I’ll be reopening the doors to Whomp Whomp To Wow, my course made for copywriters, coaches, and creatives who want to step up their website game, increase brand visibility, and develop a high-converting marketing strategy to boost leads.

Or, if you prefer to have someone take this project off your hands, I offer done-for-you website copy. Schedule a call here to get started!

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