REACH Visibility Trajectory™: Leveraging Research To Smash Your Brand Positioning

REACH Visibility Trajectory™: Leveraging Research To Smash Your Brand Positioning

As humans, we build connections and trust based on shared experiences. Sometimes close friends form this based on a lifetime of building history together.

You don’t have a lifetime to build trust with your clients and prospects, however. So how do you build it in a matter of seconds or small online interactions?

The answer is research.

Research is the key to relationship-building brand positioning. It allows you to streamline your messaging, gain visibility, and, in turn, get more clients. The right clients, too.

With proper research, you can earn a level of customer loyalty you simply won’t achieve without first putting in the work to really get to know your target market. 


Research And Brand Awareness 

Research is the first component of my REACH Visibility Trajectory™, a framework I designed to help business owners build momentum and authority all while growing sales.

The elements are:

R – Research your target market.

E – Engage with your audience through defined goals, core values, and brand messaging.

A – Attract clients with web copy that screams WOW.

C – Create a funnel to automate lead gen and nurturing.

H – Hook prospects with tactical strategy.

In brand positioning, research is the steps you take to learn about your target audience — encompassing everything from their demographics, interests, habits, wants, needs, likes, dislikes, aspirations, and challenges. 

Research is fundamental to building a lucrative marketing funnel of which the first stage is awareness. In another post, I outlined how research and funnels go hand-in-hand and how you can make the two work for your brand positioning.

Ideally, you would conduct research before even launching your brand. However, it works just the same if you do the research, then go back into your copy and make the necessary changes to your messaging on all the platforms where you market your brand. 

Is research really as big of a deal as I’m making it out to be? 

Can a flea jump 160 times its body length? 

Yes, yes it can.  (But don’t let that give you the heebie jeebies)

And while I make no guarantee, with the right research, you can probably see similar mind-boggling numbers through your brand positioning strategy. 



Four Key Elements Of Solid Research

It’s easy to get sidetracked when it comes to research. There’s customer, market, and competitor research. And you should know what each one entails since they all tend to merge at some point.

Rightly so. 

Killer research is the perfect harmony of all of its parts. 

Unfortunately, all these methods of customer research to choose from can be overwhelming.

To avoid confusion, focus on these four elements: 


  1. Validate your offer — Find reliable data proving your audience is actually interested in your product or service, and more simply put, ask them if they want the thing 🙂 
  2. Conduct voice of customer research — Determine where your audience hangs out and pay attention to how they talk about the problem and the solution — whether yours or your competitors.
  3. Mine your reviews (and your competitors’) — Collect all existing reviews and analyze what your audience most loves (or hates) about your brand.
  4. SEO research — Find what search terms your audience uses for boosting website ranking and relatability in your messaging (It may be easiest to outsource this.)

Still overwhelmed?

You can always bypass the whole do-it-yourself idea of research and messaging and put these foundational steps in my hands instead

No need to hold the entire weight of marketing on your shoulders!

I can also take care of your website copy, so you can easily veer into the next components of the REACH Visibility Trajectory™ and brand positioning which we’ll talk about in our next blog.


Three Easy Things You Can Do Now To Kick Off Your Customer Research 

Reaching out directly to past and potential customers is a big part of collecting valuable customer research. 

It’s the whole “straight from the horse’s” mouth strategy which won’t steer you wrong when it comes to building out your messaging and brand positioning. 

Here are three common and effective customer research methods: 

  1. Send out a survey to your target audience
  2. Look at reviews of your existing products
  3. Schedule calls with current or potential customers

Once you’ve done your research, schedule a time to do it again, whether it’s monthly, quarterly, or bi-annually. 

That’s right. 

There’s no real end to research. 

However, with actionable data in tow, you can move on to the next step of the REACH Visibility Trajectory™: Engagement. In my previous post, I introduced it, along with the other components: Attract, Create, and Hook. 


Start At The Beginning

If you truly want all the gains for your business, research as a first step is not optional. It’s an indispensable foundation for business growth. Because, after all, growth is dependent on customer trust and loyalty. 

First, customers must trust you enough to give you their money. Second, most sales come from repeat customers.

How do you gain these two pieces of the puzzle? You show you understand your clients, speak their language, and prove you’re relatable yet experienced enough to guide them along to achieving their goals.

If you’re ready to dive deep beyond research and grab your brand positioning by the horns, my Whomp Whomp to Wow course is the perfect solution for you to get clear and confident about your website copy and visibility strategy and hook big-ticket clients. 

Join the waitlist now and watch all of your branding woes transform into fearless positivity and growth!

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