DIY Web Copy: Writing Your Own Copy Is A Headache (but there’s a great cure!)

DIY Web Copy: Writing Your Own Copy Is A Headache (but there’s a great cure!)

Reality check! Out of the millions of hats you wear, there are only so many tasks you actually love doing as a business owner. 

Having to write copy for your website…or heck, any of your marketing projects? Rarely one of them. 

Do you even need a website? Without a doubt (and here’s why).

At first, you might be crazy-excited to set up your home page. By the time you’re ready for the next page, though, if you make it to the next page, you’re out of gas. 

BUT, if you’re out of gas before you write your headline, you’re NOT alone. 

Far from it.



Writing your own web copy is insanely hard. Trust me on this one…it’s personal and headache-inducing — literally and figuratively.

Before you tear out your hair (and make that headache worse), let’s unpack why it’s so tough. I promise — you’ll walk away with some insights AND ideas to help!


You’re Too Close To Your Business To Be Objective 

TRUTH ALERT: You’re too close to your business for your own good. You know everything about it because it’s your baby. Even if you have a team, you put it on yourself to know the ins and outs of every part of it because it’s what you do. 

You are your business. 

And you’re proud to say that — as you should be.

Unfortunately, this closeness means you can’t always separate the forest from the trees. AND here’s a big nugget — because it’s ALL important, it’s tough to know what’s MOST important.


You Don’t Know Your Customers’ Pain Points

You might know your business like the back of your hand, but knowing your customers is a different story. 


How do you know what’s important to them when everything matters to you? Even if you strongly feel like you know your customers and your offerings, it’s hard to be objective.

And without the mile-high view, you won’t understand what truly matters to your customers. How are you going to speak to what they need when you write copy for your website?

Ideally, it would help if you had an outside opinion to reflect back to you exactly what your customers perceive about your business. Imagine how AWESOME it would be to have someone who could step in, and dig deep to look at past clients and mine testimonials to ensure you understand your clients’ true pain points. 

If you ever go down this path, I GUARANTEE the results WILL surprise you. 

What might seem to you like an easy small touch might have a ridiculously immense amount of value for your clients. (For example, I offer a Loom walkthrough so I can present copy on my own time that my clients can view at their convenience.)

Additionally, you sometimes just don’t know the value of little touches unless someone tells you — either how much something meant OR the potential impact a minor tweak to your services/products could make for your clients..


Hint: your value comes from where your services align best with your clients’ needs and wants ESPECIALLY if you reach them BEFORE they need you.


You’re Stuck On Blank Or Lost In Overkill

Maybe you do know what to write. You’re just having trouble getting it on paper. You stare at a blank screen for hours wondering, “What the heck am I doing, and why isn’t this easier?”

It’s one thing to write copy, and it’s another to write effective copy. You know… juicy copy that’ll make your clients scream, “Take my money!”



On the other hand, you might have pages and pages of content you’re trying to filter down. Or you keep tweaking the copy because it’s just not right, and you’re afraid to put it out into the world.

When you obsess over what you have, your website (and your copy) gets shuffled to the back burner, where it simmers for months.

That’s exactly what you DON’T want.


You Need Strategy And Structure For Your Copy

While experience isn’t everything, it does take some wisdom to know how to write copy that sells.

You might know exactly what you want to say. 

However, if you lack the know-how to structure your copy on the page, you could spend hours arranging, rearranging, and still not knowing if what you have makes sense to your clients, is meaningful, and can genuinely guide them on their customer journey.

The customer journey also plays into your web copy — but that’s for a whole different blog.


You Can’t Get The Right Vibe

Have you ever had the experience of seeing copy online and reacting with, “Oh, man, I like that!” or, “I love this site.” Then, when you try to transfer that same vibe to your copy, you fall short by a whale’s length!

It isn’t easy to translate what works for one person into something that fits your business. 

You need to consider tone, voice, and branding — and you may not be familiar with how any of these copy elements work. Plus, these branding and copy needs to be customized to fit your business specifically.

The same way you have your individual personality is the same way your business has its own look, feel, and voice. Your voice is what you need to capture in your copy. Need more information on this? Check out this article on brand voice.


You Struggle With Flipping From “Me” To “You”

Lastly — and this ties right back into being too close to your business — you’re too me-focused. 

When you write copy, it’s much easier to focus on what you do instead of what you can do for your clients. Instead of the words “me” and “I,” there should be a lot of “you’s” in your copy.


What benefits will your clients get from working with you? Your copy’s #1 job  is to get this across in a crystal clear message.

So how do you take your copy from “me” to “you?” Check out this article to learn more


Take Your Copy From Whomp Whomp To Wow

Here’s a true story: 

It took me six months to finish my web copy and rack up the nerve to put it out into the world. So I get it. I get how days can pass with you staring at a blank document, willing the right copy to appear.

Or wanting to shred your virtual paper.

Or trying to think outside the box when you’re in the box day in and day out.

Don’t beat yourself up. Business owners like you and me go through it every day


Thankfully, your struggles end here. 



I created WHOMP WHOMP TO WOW for growth-minded business owners like you who don’t have the right messaging in place or lack the skills to develop a profitable web copy strategy.

Part feedback, part training, and part accountability, this group course is designed to give you the tools and strategy (and templates) to write killer copy. It’s been nearly a year in the making, and the doors are FINALLY OPEN


Say goodbye to:

  • Staying up late, pounding away on the keyboard.
  • Wondering exactly what to write and where it should go.
  • Agonizing over the right combination of words.
  • Constantly changing and tweaking
  • Obsessing that it’s on your to-do list for months on end
  • Questioning your commitment to building your business


Join Whomp Whomp To Wow to transform your copy in less than 21 days and start netting 4- and 5-figure clients without paying $3k, $5k, or even $10k to a copywriter! DIY web copy IS a legitimate option for you. Join now

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