From Me to You: How to Shift Your Copy to Focus on Your Audience

From Me to You: How to Shift Your Copy to Focus on Your Audience

As a business owner, you are so passionate about your business and what you’re offering that you want to shout it from the rooftops! It can be tempting to communicate that mindset in your website copy. You want to tell your audience all about your business and why it’s awesome so you can convince them to purchase what you’re offering. And why wouldn’t you? You have a great offer. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. 

Here’s the secret: the “all about the business” approach can actually lose you the sale. Self-centered website copy is one of the biggest marketing mistakes business owners make, and also one of the most common. If you want to increase your sales, you need to focus on your audience

We are all proud of our business accomplishments, and of course we want to share them. Your website copy, however, is not the place to share what’s great about your business. Instead, you want to put your audience in the spotlight.  Address their pain points and tell them how your business will solve their problem and improve their lives—the ultimate winning combination for a website that converts.

How to Lose Friends and Not Influence People

Imagine being introduced to someone, and they immediately start talking about themselves and their accomplishments. You would be so annoyed, right? You would try and leave that conversation as soon as possible, and you would have no desire to talk with that person again. 

The same goes for your website. Your audience doesn’t want to hear you going on and on about yourself. If that’s what they see on your page, they’ll say “Thank you, next!” and move on in an instant. 

Instead of focusing on what you want to say, focus on what the audience needs and wants to hear. Talking directly to your audience builds trust, and trust turns into sales.

From Me to You

The easiest way to determine if your website is audience-focused is by counting the number of times you say “I” and “Me” or “My.” Do you have a lot or a few? Either way, it’s time to change them into “YOUs.” 


Let’s look at some examples of how to tweak from “all about me” to “all about the audience:”


ME: With 20 years of accounting experience, we are the best choice for business growth.

YOU: You deserve an accountant you can rely on.


ME: I provide business owners with copywriting services,.

YOU: Copywriting can help dramatically increase your sales.


ME: We create a personalized home building experience through our expertise, creativity, and attention to detail—our ingredients for 25 years of success.

YOU: You deserve nothing less than superior expertise, creativity, and attention to detail. Your dream home can become a reality! 


ME: We’re the best copywriters on the web.

YOU: Attract and engage your ideal clients with web copy that packs a punch!


ME: We’re an accounting firm specializing in assisting small businesses with all their tax and accounting needs.

YOU: Enjoy peace of mind knowing your business is in good hands.


ME: We work with clients that want to take their business to the next level.

YOU: If you are ready to grow your business and increase your sales, you need a copywriter.


ME: Our copywriting services have helped many businesses reach their target audience.

YOU: You’ll be confident that you’re using the right words, and your audience will be confident that you are the best solution!


ME: We take the guesswork out of accounting. 

YOU: You won’t ever have to deal with the hassle of managing your money again!


ME: Our homes are built to last.

YOU: The dream home you’ve always wanted, built to last. 


ME: Our award-winning customer service is the best in our industry.

YOU: You’ll get to talk with a real person who can offer you personalized solutions.


ME: Our proven accounting services are available for struggling business owners.

YOU: Get your time back and grow your business with a professional accountant.


Tying it All Together

Now that you’ve seen some examples on how to focus your web copy on your audience, you can see how easy it is to pivot the focus to them. Remember that your website is written for your audience and not for you or your business. You only have a few seconds to capture a reader’s attention and make sure they’ll stay on the page, so you need to make it count. It’s one of the easiest ways to increase your sales!

 Is your website speaking directly to your audience? Is it going to capture their attention so they’ll keep reading? When you focus more on “you” than “me” your website will connect so much better with your audience. However, language is only part of good website copy. Take our quiz to find out if the words on your website are working for you.

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