Should you really DIY your website copy?

Should you really DIY your website copy?

If you’re reading this, you’re likely at a crossroads. Maybe you’ve audited your site (maybe even using my checkup), or perhaps you’re on the verge of a new launch, pivot, or rebrand. Either way, whether you’re starting from scratch or you keep trying to Frankenstein your website copy into submission, you’re probably grappling with a crucial decision. Do you take the wheel and DIY your website copy? Or do you hand over the reins to a pro?

Let’s explore both routes and see which path might be best for you (or if it’s somewhere in the middle).

The Siren Call of DIY Copywriting

Doing it yourself. It’s tempting, isn’t it? You’re the master of your message, after all. You know your voice better than anyone else, and there’s something satisfying about crafting your narrative. The flexibility of working on your schedule is a bonus, and, of course, the price tag of “free” is always attractive.

If those are the pros of the DIY game, what are the cons?

But as seductive as DIY might be, it’s not without its pitfalls.

After all, there are multiple HGTV series related to the concept: DIY Disaster, Help! I Wrecked My House, and many more.

The consequences of DIYing your website pale in health and safety comparison. By that I mean, gaffes won’t result in your home crumbling down around you because your site doesn’t have loadbearing walls. (Although I could make the argument that branding, messaging, and navigational structure are load-bearing, that’s a different discussion for a different time.)

If you’ve ever tried writing about yourself, know this: it’s harder than it looks. The DIY route is not without its challenges.

It takes forever to get across the starting line

Your projects and clients always come first, which means your copywriting project could sit on the backburner indefinitely.

True Confession: My first site took 6 months to publish and another 2 years to rewrite. I share that story a lot, but it doesn’t get any less true. And I shudder to think about all the gigs I missed out on because my site was “wrong” or I didn’t share the URL with prospective clients and referral partners.

The curse of the blinking cursor.

A blank page can be the most intimidating opponent, with that blinking cursor that seems to mock you every other second that you’re not actively typing. Something else I say frequently: it’s so much easier to edit than to create something from scratch.

You want to keep your little darlings.

And those “little darlings” — those phrases you love but aren’t quite hitting the mark — can be tough to let go.

Another anecdote I often share? When I first started out, the CopySnacks brand was all fun food puns, with CTAs like “Get Snackin’!” The problem? No one knew what it meant and it took another copywriter’s firm, yet gentle (or was it gentle, yet firm) recommendation that I ditch it in favor of “Book a call.” To this day, I’m still on the hunt for a way to use “Get Snackin’!” as something other than a cautionary tale. And there are still food puns, but not as many.

It’s almost impossible to write copy in a vacuum.

I mean you can, but it’s much better with another person to give it to you straight. Even if you’re a crack copywriter, you can benefit greatly from another copywriter’s perspective, you may miss critical elements that could convert visitors into customers. Or there might be a disconnect between how you talk about your business and your customer journey.

Put more simply, you’re too close to your own story, making it tough to know if you’re on the right track.

The Magic of Hiring a Pro to Add Pep to Your (Copy’s) Step

Now, let’s consider hiring a pro — specifically, moi (wink wink). The Pros of hiring a pro (no pun intended) are virtually limitless.

Your voice on steroids

Imagine having a copywriter who captures your voice so well it’s as if you wrote it yourself, only it’s even better. You can rest easy knowing your message speaks directly to your target audience. And if it’s missing the little touches that make it YOU, your writer won’t be offended.

Good results, fast

Whether you choose a VIP intensive for your project or something with more hand-holding and longer term, the point is it’s faster than you would probably do it on your own. When you pay someone, it has their full attention and you don’t have to stress about juggling #allthethings or half-assing your copy. Instead, you can launch your site timely and start testing your offer right away.

The best part? The whole task is off your plate.

Your partner in more than words

As your copywriter, I can pull ideas from your head, find disconnects, and help you gain clarity. When there are interesting threads, I know how to pull them to find out the holes in your story so we can fill in the blanks. And should you need to adjust or tweak anything, it’s absolutely doable.

Primed for design

Your copy arrives in a simple wireframe with proper HTML tags. And, while I can’t promise your designer or developer will hug you or burst into tears of joy, it’s a distinct possibility.

What about the cons here?

The downside? Well, it’s not free. And really, that’s the biggest-slash-only one I can think of.

But consider this: the investment you make in professional copywriting can lead to a higher conversion rate, more clients, and ultimately, more revenue. And more importantly, you avoid all the DIY delays and time wasted second-guessing yourself and are more likely to take action.

Your DIY Starting Point

Still leaning towards the DIY route? Here’s my advice: treat it like eating an elephant — one bite at a time.

Paste all your existing copy into a reference document.

Create new documents for each page and decide on the quick-win actions you want to take. If you’re starting from scratch, outline your story and the key sections to avoid that intimidating blank page.

Tackle it one page or even one section at a time. Before you know it, your new copy will begin to take shape. And if you need some DIY support, I offer copy coaching, copy audits, and I have a course designed to help people write their own website copy.

Ready to Ditch the DIY for a VIP Copy Dash (or other done for you services)?

When you’re ready to take your business to the next level—be it launching a new venture, making a pivot, or scaling for growth—you need one crucial component: compelling, conversion-focused website copy. It’s a strategic narrative with a structure designed to tell your story from your audience’s perspective.

Why does this matter? To put it another way, your copy is the conversation you’re having with your potential customers. It’s about more than telling them what you do. Instead, it’s about showing them how you can solve their problems by delivering the WIIFM (what’s in it for me) for them. And when done right, your copy becomes the ‘secret sauce’ that fuels your sales funnel and accelerates your success.

This isn’t just about writing—it’s about aligning your brand’s voice with your audience’s needs, crafting a message that stands out while connecting on a deeper level.

And I have two main options:

Door #1: The VIP Copy Dash

Designed to give you great copy in record time, you have a bit of homework, then we have a call to dive into the details, and then I write before handing over the copy in 24-48 hours.

Door #2: Brand Messaging + Website Copy

This is a deeper dive that takes 8-10 weeks and follows my flexible framework, the REACH Visibility Trajectory. We explore your audience and what you stand for and then build your brand messaging to tie it all together. Afterward, we craft website copy that helps you stand out.

Decisions, Decisions…

So, should you really DIY your website copy?

The answer: It depends. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer here. It ultimately comes down to your individual circumstances, your skillset, and how much time and energy you can realistically devote to the task.

If you’re a wordsmith with time on your hands and a clear understanding of your brand and audience, then sure, DIY might work for you. But if you’re strapped for time, unsure of what to say, or simply want to ensure your website copy is as effective as possible, bringing in a pro can be an absolute game-changer. (And fun fact, I write lots of copy for other copywriters because I get the industry and I know how to help them identify their unique positioning.)

Remember, your website is often the first impression potential customers have of your business. It’s worth investing the time, effort, and yes, sometimes even the cash, to make sure that impression is a great one.

And whether you choose to go it alone or enlist the help of a pro, just know this — every word matters. So make each one count.

If you’re ready to start a conversation to see if we’re a fit and how to work together, schedule a call. It’s free, and I’d love to get to know you and find out how I can help you grow!



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