Signs you need to hire a copywriter

Signs You Need to Hire a Copywriter

“I saw the sign, and it opened up my eyes…” Ever hear this song by Ace of Base? (Fun fact, it was one of my first albums, and I remember hanging out in the camper on family road trips jamming out to it… on my uber-cool Discman.) Is your copy as catchy and upbeat? Or do the signs say loud and clear that it’s time to call in some help and hire a copywriter?

Writing copy takes time and creativity, which can be overwhelming enough if it’s not your zone of genius, but even more so when you must focus on other areas of your business. However, you can’t just push your copy aside. Why? Because to generate leads and make sales, you need to attract an audience and engage with them to really connect with your prospects. And to do that, you need copy that speaks to them.


Do You Need To Hire A Copywriter?

These tell-tale signs can help you figure out whether it’s time to tag in a copywriter for some extra help. Take a peek and see how many of these things ring true.


Writing is Not Your Cup of Tea

Maybe you’re not entirely sure what you’re doing when it comes to delivering copy, or perhaps writing has never been your thing. And that’s okay. Copywriters are out there to create your copy for you. AND (bonus!) they enjoy doing it.

Leave the expertise up to the copywriters. They do research to understand how to attract the right audience. And they have a proven process for getting the words right.


You Use Too Much Jargon

Your brand voice allows you to connect with your audience so they feel they can trust in buying from you. In fact, developing your brand voice is key to writing copy that stays on target. (If you’re into accounting, think of brand voice guidelines as a chart of accounts.)

Don’t make your prospects scramble for a dictionary because you’re using words that are too specific to your industry. If you don’t use your clients’ language (or at least explain your terms in words your clients understand), they won’t bother to figure it out, and they certainly won’t see the value.

It’s best to use clear and consistent words to accurately portray your voice and draw in your target audience. Your copy can help make it an easy yes.


Your Copy is Falling Flat

If your copy is not engaging and does not lead your prospects closer to wanting your offer, you will lose them. Copy informs your audience while keeping them interested in how you can solve their problem.

Using generic phrases like “high quality,” “awesome,” “groundbreaking,” or “game-changing” may sound good, but doesn’t paint a picture for your audience. Details do the trick! Does “high quality” mean that you guarantee a 10% increase in sales compared to company XYZ? Or maybe you’re offering an “awesome” 20% discount that’s only available for the next 3 days.

Avoid being generic when possible, and if you need one of these adjectives, be sure to back it up with why. Get specific if you can. Is your service or product “game-changing?” Awesome! Show us how! That will help your audience to dive in. If you’re not exactly sure how to show us, this is a sign that you need to hire a copywriter.


You Have an Unclear Call to Action (or None at All)

The call to action of your website or sales page is critical for lead generation. So you need to have one, and moreover, it must be precise. Without a clear, detailed action, your clients won’t follow the journey you set up for them.

Your prospects want to know exactly what they are going to get by working with or buying from you. Although it may seem straightforward to you, it may not be to them.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of not being clear because you want to use text that’s on-brand. For example, my call to action used to be “Let’s get snackin’!” It was super fun and on brand, but it wasn’t 100% clear, so I changed it to “Book a call” instead.

Make it easy for your clients to take action. Take them on a step-by-step journey leading them down a path that’s simple, sweet, and to the point. Hiring a copywriter can help make this happen.


You’re Simply Too Close

Are you putting out copy that is informing your audience? You know all the ins and outs of your business. Why is that a problem? It’s hard to know what’s enough to include and what’s too much. And sometimes, since you know all the details, you include the wrong information. Maybe you speak to features instead of benefits. Most clients care less about specific actions or steps of the process than they do the end result and benefits. When you hire a copywriter they can cut through the extra and mine the information that matters most.

It’s about figuring out what’s relevant to your audience and which details are or are not needed. Your prospects don’t always need to know EVERYTHING or need all the answers right away. They just need to know enough to help them make a decision.

Copywriters often serve as business coaches, in a way, because they ask you questions to make you think and understand where you want to be.


You Don’t Have Enough Time

Keeping track of finances… chatting with prospective clients… meeting deadlines… You’re busy managing your business! It’s tough finding time to create snackworthy copy to share your message with your audience. However, if you’re always pushing your copy aside to “work on later” and never actually getting to it, your prospects are going to seek your competitors.

Your focus is on building all the other essentials of your business that you have more experience with. And even if you do work on tackling your copy, you’re spending too much time trying to craft it.

You want to share all your benefits and features with your audience in a way that interests them into buying from you. When you hire a copywriter, they take this piece of your business off your hands so you can continue to focus on other components.


All (or Some) Signs Point to…

…you needing an expert. A copywriter is someone you can partner with for the future success of your business.

There’s lots to think about when it comes to writing copy… voice, research, structure, attention-grabbing headlines, and so much more. It is tough to remember all those pieces AND find the time to write when you have other business components to attend to. And that’s okay. Copywriters do this—all of this—every day, and have your success in mind.

Want to learn more about what you need to know before hiring a copywriter? Read more here.

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