The Secret Superpowers of Testimonials

We all know that testimonials give you credibility. And in this world, that’s something incredibly powerful. But credibility isn’t the only superpower of testimonials. In fact, there are two secret superpowers that you’ll love.

Getting testimonials

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in business for a while but haven’t updated your website recently, it’s a great time to get some testimonials. It’s also a good time to give your website a good once over to make sure your messaging is spot on for your target audience and it reflects what you do.

Even though we’re giving your testimonials a refresh, definitely don’t ditch the old ones. They never go out of style, but it’s always good to update them to reflect some of your latest work.  Maybe you’ve been collecting testimonials as you work with people, and maybe you need to start from scratch.

If getting testimonials is new to you, you can start by making a list of 3-5 people (or more) who you’ve worked with successfully in the past. And then start reaching out to ask them for a favor.

Most people will be more than happy to help you out. Some may not want to give a testimonial, but don’t let this stop you from contacting them. And if they say no, just thank them and move on. Don’t let a fear of no stop you, after all, each testimonial is about you, not them.

Testimonial secret superpower #1: Affirmation

I think you’ll find that 90% of the people you reach out to will say “sure!” And what’s more, what they have to say about you can be a real ego boost. It may be mind boggling. They may remember things about you that you didn’t realize were so impactful to them. It can be super empowering, especially when you’re first starting out.

In fact, that’s the first secret superpower of testimonials: affirmation of what you do well.

I recently sat down on an informational call with a coach who’s building a new program for my demographic. Part of what we discussed is how we are always harder on ourselves than anyone else. This can truly be a disservice to us as we often internalize negative feedback. However, a good testimonial help you turn this around and boost your self-confidence.

Better yet, if you’re having a down day, you can always refer back to these testimonials as a reminder of what you’re really good at!

Testimonial secret superpower #2: New business

Now this second superpower isn’t a given. However, if you’re reaching out to past clients requesting a testimonial, you can let them know that you’re updating your website and would love to get their two cents.

And of course, if there are any projects they’ve got coming up, you’d love to work with them again. It’s also a good time to let them know about any new packages or services you’re offering. This shouldn’t be a hard sell, if you say anything about it at all. Remember, you’re still asking them for a favor.

What it does do though, is get you back top of mind for them. And that’s a superpower if I ever heard of one.


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  1. I definitely look for testimonials on other sites. I’m going to reach out to some of my clients and request testimonials. Thanks for the great post.

    1. Kristi, thanks so much for stopping over. I really appreciate it – please let me know how it goes!!

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