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As a copywriter, I have a huge swipe file of copy that I use as inspiration for future copy and content. So when Foreplay.co — a SaaS solution that shortens the cycle of creating ads for online platforms came to me, I jumped at the opportunity to write for them. The first article I wrote is live: The Swipe File: What is it and how to turn it into your secret weapon.

Check it out here.

Want a quick tl;dr of what’s included?

First things first, if you’ve ever wondered how marketers stay ahead of the curve and beat writer’s block (or designer’s block), the answer might just be swipe files. You can dive into the article and get a primer on what swipe files are, how to create one, and how to use them effectively. Plus, you can get a sneak peek into all things Foreplay. And yes, I definitely had a blast testing their platform.

Even though I’m not an ads person myself, many of my clients use them, and I’m always looking at new inspiration and ideas for and with them.

So definitely, give the article a read, and play around with Foreplay’s platform. I found it easy to use and fun to take for a test drive. Plus there are TONS of applications.

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