4 Ways Copywriters are Like Business Coaches

4 Ways Copywriters are Like Business Coaches

You might be surprised to learn that copywriters also frequently don another hat—that of a business coach or strategist because the two roles go hand in hand. Ultimately, both copywriters and business coaches help clients figure out where they are now, where they want to go, and who they want to work with and attract. 

When it comes to web copy, it’s essential to know these pieces so that you can attract and engage your ideal clients for the projects that light you up. Knowing this seems simple on out outset, but the reality is it’s not usually as easy as waking up one day with an epiphany. Instead, it requires mindset work and a lot of deep dives. In the end, it’s worth it because your web copy is only one piece of the pie, albeit, an important one.

With that in mind, copywriters serve as business coaches in many ways, here are 4 ways that copywriters can help you:


Know What You Want in Your Business

Are you looking to build a 6-figure++ business or continue as a solopreneur? Which services do you want to offer? What specific clients do you want to attract? When you know what you want in your business, decisions become more manageable, and your web copy becomes clearer.

Think about the reasons you began your business. Maybe you want to help women become more financially stable because you can relate to their struggles. Perhaps you’ve always been good with numbers, and want people to understand their finances so they can make sound business decisions. Or you have a keen understanding of art and want to teach others how different types of graphics can draw in clients to increase their sales. 

Your why can shine through your copy, which allows your audience to understand why you do what you do. A business owner’s reason for going into business is often just as important for attracting clients as the services they offer. 

Copywriters and business coaches ask you questions to help you think about the reasons you began your business. A copywriter guides you on how you can incorporate your why into your copy.


Figure Out Who You Want to Work With (the “One” Client)

Dig in to decide who you want to engage with. Think about what makes your audience tick. What are their problems and pain points? 

Is your client someone who is laid back and goes with the flow? Or would you rather work with a type-A person who is driven and proactive?

If you’re unsure about who your ideal client may be, think about your favorite client experience…and dig in to ask yourself what you liked about working with that person.

That ONE client, is most likely the type of client you want to work with. You will have higher energy in writing web copy for this one particular type of client.

You can write to one person and make it more powerful and more converting than trying to write to everyone. It’s difficult writing to everyone and trying to make everyone happy. So just focus on “the One” to make both you and your client satisfied.

Also, realize who you DON’T want to work with. Ultimately, knowing who you don’t want to work with is just as important as who you do want to work with. 

And, here’s the thing. This doesn’t have to be final. As you go, you can refine this picture and get clearer on all of it.


Think Outside of the Box

A business coach helps you identify and create your strategic branding. And a good copywriter ties unrelated themes to your copy and business to help you develop a highly memorable brand.

For example, my unrelated theme is snacks. I use “bite-sized,” “snackworthy,” and “tasty” to relate my brand to writing short, sweet, and to-the-point copy. The possibilities here are endless.

It’s okay to take risks when writing web copy. Yeah, it may be uncomfortable, however, sticking to the safe or comfortable ways may not get you the results you expect. And remember, just focus on “the One.” Just because you write to one person doesn’t mean you won’t work with others.

Be creative and go the extra mile to stand out. Go out and find different examples you like and create a swipe file for inspiration.


Understand Your Voice 

When I get stuck on writing web copy, I outline everything I want to cover, create a plan, figure out all the elements on each page, and then pull from my notes. Once the elements are in place, I go back to adjust and add in the right amount of playfulness and tone for that client and their audience.

How do I know what that mix looks like? I examine voice and tone carefully as part of the discovery process through a combination of paying attention to our conversations for cadence and word choice and asking pointed questions during onboarding. I also have a specific research process to help establish a voice that sounds like you, and more importantly, also speaks to your target audience.

Another aspect of voice comes from feedback. Clients frequently ask me if it’s okay for them to share the copy with another audience. The answer is always, “Of course, but….” As my client, I want you to talk through any questions so you are confident in your copy. I encourage you to share it with business partners, coaches, and even a few trusted clients. The only caveat is that I request clients compile all of the feedback as a single point before commenting in the document or sharing with me. 

That’s because, in the end, only one voice matters, and it is YOURS.  So it’s up to you to figure out whose feedback you agree with, and whose you don’t.

Need someone to give you some constructive feedback on your web copy? Book a 30-minute live web review with me where you’ll get real-time suggestions for improvements.


Copywriters work with business coaches too!

The bottom line here is that copywriters can help you determine what’s best for your business through the lens of how it relates to your goals and messaging. However, that doesn’t mean that a copywriter replaces your business coach. On the contrary, when a copywriter and a business coach team up, your business can grow exponentially. (And pro tip: both business coaches and copywriters are also too close to their own business and need one another to get the messaging juuuust right.) Not sure if you’re ready to hire a copywriter? Here’s what you need to know.

When working with a copywriter, you receive help with writing your copy as well as a better understanding of business goals so your copy speaks directly to “the One client.” And, my clients get one more bonus. Most of my packages end with a marketing roadmap so that my clients walk away a strategic understanding of next steps.

If you’re interested in working with a copywriter who wears a business coach hat, schedule a 15-20 minute call with me to find out how we can work together. 


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