The 11 Essential Web Copy Strategies Your Website Really Needs

The 11 Essential Web Copy Strategies Your Website Really Needs

Do you want to increase your website traffic and sales? (Um, hello? Who doesn’t! And, psst — if you don’t, let’s chat about how to level up your rates or your biz.) I’m going to assume then, that you do want to get more bites from your ideal clients. It follows, then, that it’s time to take a fresh look at your web copy. You’ll want to be sure to include these ten essential web copy strategies to ensure your site kicks some major butt.

Incorporating these “can’t miss” tactics will help build trust with your audience, set you apart from the competition, and give you a killer website that converts.


Eleven Essential Web Copy Strategies For Your Site


A Problem and a Solution

When people land on your website, you only have seconds to capture their attention. So how do you entice them to keep scrolling instead of leaving? You address their pain points. To do this, you’ll need to get to know your audience. What’s the problem they’re facing that you swoop in like a superhero to solve? 

Show them you understand them, that you have the know-how to fix it, and they’ll see you’re the choice to save the day and their proverbial bacon. They’ll feel listened to and like you really know how they’re feeling, which will leave them feeling like you’re their new bestie…and relationships are the key to sales success. Plus, you’ve saved the day by giving a solution to an annoying problem they have.


Address Any Objections in Your Web Copy

It’s natural for someone to have questions or concerns about making a purchase. One way to overcome any audience uncertainty is to address their objections. You know your audience, and when it comes to their objections, you’ve heard it all. Maybe it’s price, whether or not your product or service is relevant to them, or ease of use or access. You can set this up with a separate FAQ page or solve these problems right on your sales or product page. Do your job right, and you’ll get an easy yes. 


Clear Headlines, Titles, and Headers

If you only have seconds to keep your audience’s attention, it’s important to properly utilize headlines, titles, and headers on your web page. Your website should be easily scannable with   clear, and straightforward headlines and titles. Clear wins over clever when it comes to your website. Titles, headlines, and headers are also great places to incorporate any SEO keywords you are targeting. (Psst… need some SEO research or direction? Let’s talk.)


Turn “So What?” into “So That” 

You do a LOT of awesome stuff. And it’s tempting to shout out all about it. Instead think short and sweet. Instead of launching into all the dirty details, give the highlights and focus on why it matters to them. It’s super awesome that your product or service has 29,000 features, but those features don’t mean jack if your audience doesn’t know why they matter….or the benefit to them. That’s what they really want to know, and it’s the key to holding their interest and converting them. (Need a hint? After each feature, drop a quick “so that” statement so your audience understands why it’s important…and so they don’t say “Yeah, yeah, yeah. So what does that mean for me?”)


Top-Notch Organization

You could have the most incredible web copy of all time, but it won’t matter if your organization is a mess. Let your web copy do its job turning your offers into the star of the show by making sure your navigation bar is easy to find and use. Great organization will make your web copy and your services SHINE. P.S. Page titles are not the place to get creative, so K.I.S.S. (keep it simple, sweetheart). 


Snackable Text Blocks

Avoid large, clunky blocks of text, and instead use bullet points, numbers, images, headlines, and subheadlines to break it up. It’s more visually appealing and SO much easier to read. Each section should be bite-size and snackable for easy scanning. 


Easy-to-Find Contact Information

Your audience should be able to find how to easily contact you, so make sure your contact info is easily locatable on every page. You won’t have to worry about missing out on a sale because a potential customer couldn’t figure out how to contact you. Don’t forget to include links to any social media accounts you have!


Testimonials + Social Proof

Your testimonials are your social proof, and they play a crucial role in building trust and authority with your audience. You’ve worked hard for your awesome rep, so instead of telling people what you do, let past clients set you up to shine! Include snippets of reviews and recommendations throughout your website where appropriate, so that your customers can see what sets you apart from the competition. 

Testimonials offer an amazing opportunity to support your sales efforts by highlighting how you solved a particular problem for a client in the past. Social proof can be the difference between snagging the sale…or not. (psst. Be sure to name the person, where possible, even if it’s just a first name, last initial, and simple title. Real words from real people carry more weight than something not attributed to anyone.)


A Simple Call to Action

So you have your audience’s attention, now what? You’ll need to guide them on what steps to take next…in other words, you need to help them to take action. One of the most important elements to include in your web copy is a Call to Action. Whether it’s booking a call, signing up for an email list, purchasing a product, or any other action, you’ll want to tell your audience what you want them to do next, and make it easy for them to move forward.


A Second Look

Your web copy should be error-free. Spelling and grammatical errors are an easy way to get a reader to close out the tab open on your website. Even the simplest mistakes can look unprofessional, so you’ll want to make sure you proofread your work carefully. Better yet, phone-a-friend and get a second pair of eyes. It’s always harder to proofread your own work! 


Break a Few Rules

I just told you to get a second set of eyes on it. I know. The best sites pick and choose which rules they’re gonna follow. You don’t want errors outright, of course. Although — full disclosure, one or two errors are not the end of the world, the more you can avoid, the better you look. And trust me…you wanna look GOOD!

Web copy doesn’t have to follow traditional AP style guides, or whatever you learned in school. In fact, it shouldn’t. It doesn’t have to be traditionally correct in terms of grammar, but it can’t be totally wrong. (And I get that it’s a tall order…just know that some rules are meant to be broken…as long as it’s not ALL of the rules.)


How to Take Your Web Copy to the Next Level

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