Why Should You Hire a Copywriter?

What is the first thing you do before deciding you want to buy a product or hire someone, or whether you’re going to regret buying that toy for your child? You go to websites, and you read the words out there to learn more…that a copywriter probably crafted.

Everyone speaks, but getting the right words in writing to market your product or service can be hard, especially when it comes to impactful web copy or email copy. 

So while your elevator pitch is great for closing sales over the phone, how do you get them on the phone in the first place? You hire a copywriter! 

Copywriters Have a Mile-High Perspective

You have an idea of what you want to convey to your customers, so you sit down at your computer, get everything set up to start writing, and… crickets!

Writing copy for your business is one of the hardest things to do. You’re too close to it, so it’s hard to sort through what’s important.

Hiring a copywriter can save you a boatload of overwhelm and save you time and many, MANY headaches.

Time for Family, Fun, or Work 

So, you’re sitting there, tapping your fingers on the side of your face, trying to conjure up something, anything, but you end up staring at a blank screen for hours or surfing social media. 

Instead of feeling the pressure to get something on paper, you could be playing that board game your daughter has been asking about for the past few days. Or relaxing while watching your favorite TV show. Or working on a profitable part of your business that is in your zone of genius.

You know the famous business quote, “Time is money?” 

You don’t have to devote precious time to writing copy that may not serve your needs! When you hire a copywriter, they take a difficult task off your plate, so you have more time for family, fun, or work that makes you money.


Grammar, Structure, and Tone… Oh My!

Maybe the right words elude you. Perhaps you’re not sure if the stuff you do have is interesting enough to intrigue your customers. Or maybe you’re confused about whether there should be a comma there or not…side note, you’re not alone here, thank goodness for Grammarly. (psst, that’s an affiliate link) 

Copywriters are AH-MAZING at this stuff! They notice when something is missing or doesn’t sound quite right. They understand content length, tone, structure, and all those things you might not even think about.

Copywriters Create Client-Focused Content

You need up-to-date, engaging, persuasive copy to reel in those prospective customers, because, quite frankly, what’s your business without any clients?


Friend or Foe?

When you need advice about something, are you more likely to ask a friend or a random stranger? You choose a friend because you have built a trusting, positive relationship with them. Just like you, your customers are going to want to work with someone they trust.

Copywriters create fun web copy and messaging, so you can engage with new, old, and prospective customers allowing you to build on those relationships.

Although they may not lead to immediate sales, they lead to the best kind of sales: referrals.  

Again, because copywriters are the Sherlock Holmes of copy, they know how to develop interactive content that will engage your customers.

Customers Don’t Want Car Salesmen

You’re a business owner. So, when you are trying to “sell” your services, how can you tell if your copy is persuasive or salesy?

I’ve always hated going to car dealerships when it’s time to upgrade my vehicle. The very act of pulling into the parking lot means that the salespeople converge like vultures, and I dread it. 

Don’t be a car salesman and scare your customers away. Yes, you need to sell your services, but you want people to want to work with you.

Just like sales calls, if your copy is too pushy, you won’t build those relationships you crave or close the deal. 

Copywriters know how to create persuasive copy to attract and engage the clients you want to work with.

Your Copywriter is an Expert Just Like You!

You’re an expert in your business and know the benefits to your clients of your products and services. The same goes for copywriters. They are experts in writing and know what type of copy is just right for each situation.

Copywriters don’t have to be experts in your field to create incredible copy for you. They’ll do their research, learn from others (and you!), and use strategy to communicate YOUR business and YOUR services effectively.

Copywriters craft words that show your authority and the benefits of working with you. They can enhance your image, explain your services accurately, and differentiate you from competitors, all while speaking to your ideal clients.

Ready to level up your copy? Let’s chat.

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