Zig Zag Leap Podcast: Copy That: Building Business Success Through Relationships

Zig Zag Leap Podcast: Copy That: Building Business Success Through Relationships

Nesha Zackery is a true delight. When she invited me onto her podcast, I was thrilled to join her! We covered so much ground, starting with the personal tragedy and “aha” moment that gave me permission to leap into something different. We also covered the lessons I’ve learned SEVERAL times along the way, and what I wish EVERYONE knew about building a business.

Today, Erin Pennings is a copywriter and marketing strategist who helps small businesses refine their brand strategy with messaging and copy so they can get visible. After losing her father and grandfather within months of each other, she realized NO ONE was going to give her the life she wanted and she had to make it happen for herself.

She left her job and spent a summer hiking around southcentral Alaska where she lived with her one-year-old and slowly started to take clients as a marketing contractor. In late 2018 she had another epiphany and a few months later, CopySnacks was born.

In this episode, Erin shares her love of showing other people the possibility of following their dreams so they can create a business that fits their life goals. She also shares how she’s made her business successful even in the midst of the world shutting down.

“If I had to do it again, I would spend less time trying to make noise and more time trying to create relationships.”

– Erin Pennings

Please give it a listen here or where you listen to your podcasts!!

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