M2M Jacob Suckow

Turn Your Messaging into Magic with Jacob Suckow

Meet Jacob, a high-energy email marketing expert who teaches entrepreneurs how to crush their email marketing strategy!

So, how important is Email marketing? Jacob dives into how it is a great way to drive revenue while building a community and effectively communicating with that community.

Every conversation I have with Jacob is amazing and a lot of fun — you’ll want to listen in to learn why he doesn’t like lead magnets!





Learn more about him at EmailEmpire.org


Turn Your Messaging Into Magic is a live broadcast on Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube almost every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 9:00 AM Central. We talk about all things marketing and messaging. I bring on guests to chat about their experiences in the online business world.  Think of it like being a fly on the wall in an awesome coffee shop. You’ll hear everything about these amazing guests’ lives — coffee preferences, the weather, favorite animals…and so much more. And if you’re interested in joining me for a future conversation, contact me today.

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