How to Stand Out From 85 Million Freelancers With Erin Pennings

Freelanceology Podcast: How to Stand Out From 85 Million Freelancers

Chris Collins and Aly Goulet are two of my favorite freelancers and copywriters. I feel like I say that a lot about a lot of people. The truth is that these two are amazing. And they bring a fresh perspective to freelancing and owning a business. We talked a lot about what it’s REALLY like to run the show, for better or worse. It was a fantastic conversation and I hope you’ll listen in!


Our guest for the thirteenth episode of the Freelanceology podcast is Erin Pennings. Erin is a marketing execution strategist and copywriter. She also teaches a signature program to help other copywriters and consultants stop struggling with their own web copy. In this episode, she shares how your past skills and experiences can find their way to your business, how to improve your website copy, a non-slimy approach to sales, and more.


Please give it a listen here or where you listen to your podcasts!!

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