A Toast to Chaos: Keeping Your Promises to Yourself as a Business Owner

A Toast to Chaos: Keeping Your Promises to Yourself as a Business Owner

I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time saying no…

…although my kids solemnly swear that I never say yes (as they eat their ice cream and stay up late watching movies)…

…and, if you’re picturing a household in chaos, you’re not wrong.

I’m fine…everything is juuuust fine.

Because I like to say yes to people, I ended up taking on more projects this summer than I probably should have despite the fact I also wanted to prioritize lazy summer days by the pool with my family.

It’s also how I end up with days that are packed with meetings, and I stagger into the kitchen after working longer than I meant to, wondering what the heck I should make the kids for dinner.

However, I also had some BIG wins this summer related to taking specific days or blocks of time off…and sticking to them.

I learned an important lesson:

Following through on your promises to yourself matters…

…especially as a freelancer, business owner or entrepreneur.

Because no one else is going to hold you to your promise to take that time off, to spend that time devoted to your own business planning, or [insert your promise to yourself here].

Here’s the thing: we all know we have to follow through on our promises to other people.

But no one talks about the intense level of satisfaction that comes with setting and enforcing your boundaries…

…and lemme tell you. It’s GOOD.

So the other night I did it again…

Despite the fact that chaos is my baseline, I recognize I need to manage it.

So I sat down with my dry erase markers and my calendar and I planned out all the days I want to take off this year.

And then…here’s the clincher… I put it into my Google calendar as blocks so NO ONE can book into those half-days, days, and weeks. (Yep, I said WEEKS)

Why am I telling you this?

Well, I’m challenging you to a duel, my friend.

Okay, not really. But I am challenging you… to make a promise to yourself, and make a plan to keep it. Let’s do this thing.

Want to say it “out loud” so someone else knows about it?
Here are two options:

1. Comment below and let me (and the world) know.

2. Make a social post and tag me in it.

Let’s do this thing 🙂

And along the way, we can toast to chaos together.

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