What Zombies Can Teach You About Running a Business

What Zombies Can Teach You About Running a Business

If you’re struggling with mindset in your business, it’s time to think like a Zombie. Zombies are more than just the walking dead, they teach us how to successfully run a business through their focus, determination, and consistency. Zombies are all about action, so take inspiration from the walking dead to help your business thrive!



Know What You Want

Zombies know exactly what they want —flesh and brains! They have a clear, simple goal that is never left in doubt. Everyone knows that a Zombie’s main goal is gnawing on flesh and brains because their mission is obvious to all around them. Keep this same attitude in your business. Know Your goals, and make sure everything in your business aligns with them. Your vision should be crystal clear and easy to understand.



Stay Focused 

Zombies stop at nothing to get what they want, no matter the obstacle. Unless they die (again), they’ll get exactly what they’re after. Staying laser-focused on goals in your business is essential to success, whether that’s brains, getting new clients, or making more money. Take a cue from Zombies and ditch shiny object syndrome in order to keep your eyes on the prize.


Beware! There’s such a thing as too much focus, and we’ll talk about that in a little bit.


Keep Moving Forward

Zombies are dead. That has to be a major drag. They’re usually missing limbs and are falling apart, which probably doesn’t feel great. Plus, they’re hungry for flesh and brains and not happy about it. They’re straight up hangry! No matter how miserable they are, Zombies keep going. They don’t let the fact that they’re dead and hangry get them down. If they’re attacked, they get back up again even more determined. 

Zombies have some serious perseverance. Keep the Zombie attitude in your business by adding some of their determination to your mindset. You’ve got the goals, you’ve got the vision and focus. You’re killing it! Don’t let yourself get discouraged or give up. Setbacks can be your motivation to keep fighting. No matter what gets you down, you can get back up again—just like a Zombie!



Basic isn’t Always Bad

Zombies are simple and straightforward. They have simple goals, and they have simple ways of achieving them. They don’t use fancy tools because they don’t need them. The same goes for tools in your business. You need the right tools for the job, nothing more, nothing less. For Zombies, that means teeth. For you, that might mean a simple project management tool and an all-in-one CRM like Dubsado. Although you need something to help you manage…everything…try not to overcomplicate.

from Zombie GIFs

And, spoiler alert, the same goes for your website copy. Just like Zombies, your copy should be simple. Your message should be clear and easy to understand. While it can be tempting to use lots of big words or go overboard with the amount of copy and content, it can overwhelm your audience. Ditch the fluff and let your message speak for itself.


What Not to Do

While Zombies can teach you many positive things about running your business, they have a few fatal (no pun intended) flaws. We can also learn some things NOT to do from them.


Don’t Be Self Absorbed

For starters, Zombies only care about one thing and they don’t care who they hurt to get it. Zombies are incredibly self-absorbed, and that is not what you want in your business or your website copy. Instead, you should focus on your audience and what you can do for them. Address their pain points and how you can solve them, in your website copy, your business practices…all of it.. 


Focus = Good, Over Focus=Bad

Another flaw of Zombies is that they can get over-focused. They can unhealthily obsess over their goal, and their unwillingness to let go can cost them everything. They’re not able to see when something is harming more than helping. It’s okay to let go when something isn’t serving you. It’s okay to pivot directions and find a new vision. Don’t let your unwillingness to let go be what turns YOU into a Zombie. 


Embrace the Journey

Let’s be honest, running a business isn’t about focusing on one singular thing. A zombie just wants their next meal. A business owner wears many hats and juggles multiple aspects of their business. Where Zombies just have one predominant emotion (hanger), you’re dealing with all the emotional ups and downs of a business. The highs and lows are totally normal when running a business, and they come with great rewards. Here’s what it looks like to be an entrepreneur right now:

Entrepreneur Journey
Note: several versions of this graphic are floating around…this is ours!

You have permission to embrace the journey, whatever path it might take. Your journey is unique to you and it’s part of what sets you apart from the competition. Keep your mind and vision open, and don’t fall into the “Zombie trap” of being overfocused or walking a straight path.


What’s Next

Now that you’ve got the Zombie mindset, it’s time to see if your website is up to snuff. Does your site focus on your audience, or does it fall into the me-me-me trapt(like a Zombie)? Is it easy to understand? Is it converting sales? Book a live review for insights on how you can elevate your website, connect with your audience, and snag the sale.


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