The First Impressions Project: Short, Sweet Client Experience Audits

The First Impressions Project: Short, Sweet Client Experience Audits

With most of us spending more time online, businesses with an online component are in high demand. As a small business owner, you’re probably wondering whether your website delivers your message as successfully as possible–first impressions matter. You have 8 seconds (or less) to capture client attention before they move on to greener pastures. So, I’d like to introduce you to the first impressions project, my new series of client experience audits. The goal? I want to help you understand if you’re hitting the mark or missing it by a mile.

Whether you’re starting, pivoting, or preparing to re-emerge your small business, now is the perfect time to ensure that your website or sales page attracts and engages your clients.

What Is the First Impressions Project?

I believe wholeheartedly in giving back. It’s why I work with service-based businesses…everyone is in business to pay bills, but those of us in the service world really like helping.

The First Impressions Project is exactly that–an opportunity for me to give back. I’m offering an almost no-strings-attached first impression audit of your website or sales page to help you know how yours stacks up.

You get a 2-3 minute video to highlight what your site does well, and what you can do to make it even better!

Writing is my thing, so that’s my primary focus, from headlines to messaging and language. Is the client’s journey clear right away? Do they know the action you want them to take?  Is it obvious what you do?

Where applicable, I’ll also call out anything I see with room for improvement from a non-writing perspective, be it design, layout, navigation, or something else.

Why Are You Offering First Impressions Audits

Writing your own copy is hard, really hard, gut check!

You’re probably too close to your own business to understand what’s important and to tell a story that shows clients the impact they can make. Even those of us who do this for a living need a fresh set of eyes to make sure our web copy is spot on. (True story, ahem!)

Even if your copy or site was stellar five years ago, between mobile and responsive designs, people today interact very differently with websites.

First Impressions audits will either give you a hefty dose of confidence that you’re on the right track or show you what you can do #rightnow to make it better. And, 100% candidly, I don’t pull any punches, so if I think you’ll need more help, I’ll tell you right upfront. By the same token, I’ll let you know if you’re so impressive that I want you to look at my stuff! (wink)

I mentioned that I want to give back, and I genuinely do. This project gives me that opportunity while also allowing me to showcase my skills and knowledge. I’ll be using these mini audits to provide you with actionable suggestions for how you can improve, while also using them to teach others.

How Does This Work and Is It For Me?

Well, it’s free, so the earlier you apply, the faster you’re likely to get in. It’s for you if you:

  • Have a website, and
  • Own a small business

That’s it.

I tend to work the most frequently with online service providers, SaaS companies, and startups, so they may get priority. But here’s the thing: I want to help. So as long as I think I can (help, that is), and I have space in the program, you’ll get in.

Apply Here!
(hint, do it right meow)

If I get hundreds of applications, I’ll have to slow my roll a bit. No matter what, I encourage you to hop on my mailing list.  I’ll be sharing the highlights reel over there so you can learn from what I’m teaching others!

After the requests start rolling in, I’ll let you know when your audit is scheduled. Or if I’m feeling extra motivated, I’ll just knock it out and send it right away.

What is “it?”

Well, it is a 2-3 minute video, maybe 5, depending on yours truly. You’ll get a link to your first impressions audit in your email, and then if you have questions, I’ll toss in a short email q&a.

What’s the almost string-free part?

This is something for you and me. So you’ll have to agree to let me use this in my marketing efforts. Don’t worry, though. I’ll be gentle. And if I don’t feel like it will serve you for me to publish a video, I’ll still share what I’m finding privately!

The bonus is that you get some potential exposure out of it in addition to my tips. And, if you put everything into play, and think that what you have is incredible, let me know. I’m happy to post a follow up before-and-after Cinderella story update.

Super awesome, right? (I know!!!)

Let’s do this!
Apply Here!

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