How Your About Page Can Actually Help You Earn Business

How Your About Page Can Actually Help You Earn Business

Did you know that the About page is one of the most important pages on your site? It’s a  golden opportunity to show your prospective customers what sets you apart from the competition and makes you shine. An “About” page is more than meets the eye, and you’ll need to know the inside scoop if you want to make the most of it.


The Secret of the About Page

So, are you ready for the inside scoop? Here’s the great secret about your About page…it’s not about you! Seriously. While the name might say otherwise, the About page is actually all about your audience. SURPRISE! 

And now that you know the secret sauce, you can turn your About page into the money maker it was made to be. If you’re ready to capitalize on your About page and turn it into a powerful tool to help earn you business, keep reading!


The Client Journey

If you want to learn how to write an About page, it starts with thinking about your Home page. At the top of your landing page is the Hero section, where your audience is depicted as the likable protagonist, and you present the extraordinary transformation that your product or service will have on them. The Hero section is all about the end result. It hits only the high points, leaving out the process of the transformation. 

The About page expands on the Hero’s journey and explains how they get from point A to point B. Where the Hero section might have a single sentence or big block of text, the About page is an opportunity to elaborate further on the transformation…within reason. 2-3 sentences is plenty!


Become a Problem Solver

To really have your About page shine, it needs to be about how you can help your audience. Sure, you can and should include a bio…it just needs to be further down the page (more about that later). What you should really highlight is how you uniquely solve a specific pain point and the journey it takes to get there.

A great About page is pain-focused. Calling attention to and exploring your audience’s pain points will capture their attention and loyalty by helping them feel heard and understood. Besides, who doesn’t want a major problem solved? 

Showing how to solve a problem doesn’t have to be complicated. For example: “You need X….Y is stopping you…here’s how I can help!” Think of it as a mini sales page where you get to show the client’s journey and how you will help change their current reality to something truly fabulous. You get to introduce yourself as the solution and position yourself as the ultimate problem solver and authority as you take them on a journey through your About page.


More than Just a Bio

Have you ever looked at an About page and ended up completely bored? You saw huge chunks of text that shared their complete life story with way too many details. All you wanted to know was a little bit about them and their business, and you didn’t want to have to read about every pet they’ve ever had in order to find it. 

Your About page is more than just a bio about you and your business. Most pages do have a bio, which is excellent! However, you need more than just a bio, and any bio you include needs to be short and sweet—-think 2-3 sentences max. Those sentences should encompass what you do and how it’s relevant to the problem you solve. Imagine what a news anchor would read about you if you were on the news: it would be brief and to the point. TA-DA! That’s your bio.

You might be asking yourself, “What if I want to include more than just a couple of sentences?” The good news is YOU CAN! After all, it’s your website. Maybe you want to delve into more of your background, or maybe you want to share that your kids might make a guest appearance on the Zoom call or that you live for wine night. Who am I to judge? Just pop it in further down the page after you’ve explained how you help the audience. That way, they won’t have to sort through the extra if they don’t want to! Although, if you’ve already won them over by showing how you’ll solve their problems, chances are they’ll want to stick around and read the rest.


It’s Okay to Brag a Little

Since you’re positioning yourself as an authority in solving your audience’s problem, it’s okay to brag. In fact, it’s highly encouraged! Clients care about your knowledge and experience, so find a way to show it. If you’re worried about sounding too boastful, let someone else do the work for you! This is a great opportunity to use testimonials that show how you’ve successfully solved the problem you’ve presented. 

Now is the time to include anything you want to highlight or something special about working with you…just be sure to include it further down the page.


Why it Works

I’ve told you how to make your About page all about your audience, so let’s talk about how that helps you earn business and get more sales. It all comes down to the “know, like, and trust” factor. If your audience knows, likes, and trusts you, they’re going to be more likely to purchase from you. Trust builds brand loyalty, testimonials, and repeat customers.

If your About page includes every detail of your life story, your audience is going to say, “who cares?” and click away. However, if your About page immediately talks about your audience, their pain points, and how you are the unique superhero providing the solutions they need, they’re going to want to keep reading. As they continue reading, they’ll learn more about you and your business and learn to know, like, and trust you. You’ll stand apart from your competitors and earn their business. What’s not to love?


Now What?

But wait, there’s more! Your About page is just one piece of the puzzle to having an awesome website that converts sales. If you want to take your website from “blah” to “FAB,” join my 6-week Web Copy Intensive. We’ll go over everything it takes to have a Home page that hits a home run, an About page that amazes, and a Services page that sparkles. The course is jam-packed full of videos, worksheets, and amazing bonuses! You’ll also get a chance to pick my brain in regular Zoom calls. If you’re ready to have your website hook big-ticket clients and increase your profit, then this course is for you. You won’t want to miss it!

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