How To Write Copy With Personality

How To Write Copy With Personality

Here’s the thing about your personality: It’s TRULY unique to you. 

Seriously. Infusing your copy with personality starts by believing there’s no one else like you on the planet (And spoiler alert: there isn’t – you are UNIQUELY you — and your copy damn well better reflect that).

Sure. We all start the day with a cup of coffee and love to tell others about how we need eleventy-billion ounces of caffeine to function. 

Still, even if a few million people drink coffee every day, none of them drink it like you do, guzzling your grande-bazooka sized cuppa joe, inhaling the aroma of coffee as dark as your soul, all while snuggled into your leopard print fleece house-sized blanket thinking about the day ahead… or willing those brain cells into action. (Maybe that’s just me…HA!)


So how do you put your coffee-guzzling personality into words?

Use things you love and do to connect with your audience…be authentic, of course…but when you feel insanely accessible, your audience engages more. They WANT to talk to you.  

Here’s the thing though…don’t just throw out buzzword after buzzword, and DEFINITELY don’t exaggerate or lie… just be YOU.

Here are a few things you can do to boost your writing with personality. 


Be Relatable By Learning About Your Customers

Yes, you want your unique personality to dazzle your audience. More importantly, though, you want to connect with them.

Imagine a simple Venn diagram with two circles. One of them contains your interests, while the other breaks down what matters to your audience. 

In the middle where the two intersect, you’ll find common interests and concerns you share with your audience. Bring those forward in your copy. 

To illustrate: 

I freaking adore my Peloton. Some of my audience cares…some don’t. So I might gush over some of it…but if I gush over ALLL of it ALL the time, I’m gonna lose the non-Pelo junkies. What people follow me for is insights, fun, and writing inspo …and the occasional goofy pet pic.

Your audience wants to relate to you, and what better way to do so than by sharing the parts of your personality which match theirs. 

Here are two ways you can do this: 

1. Get Emotional

Facts and figures? Those work fine…sort of. When you tie them to emotions and what REALLY matters to people? Now you’re touching souls. 

Emotions are our humanity. And — leans over as I whisper in your ear — it’s what drives people to take action and buy your goods. 

I’m not saying that your main goal should be making the sale. Duh, of COURSE you want the sale. You don’t want to get it by being sleazy though. You want people to work with you because they think you’re the bee’s knees…and because you empathize with their frustrations. When you’re real, and you show you understand — and that you’re a human and not a robot behind a computer screen, you can connect with your audience.


2. Use Their Language

There are two sources of language you can use to create copy with personality. The first is your brand personality or brand guide. The second is the words and phrases your customers use.

Let’s talk about that for a minute. 

When you write using the words your customers also use every day, they may not realize it, but you’re strengthening familiarity between the two of you. Your audience is accustomed to hearing and speaking these words, and when they read them from you, magic happens.

The warmth! The bonding! 


How do you find the language your customers are using? 

Time for some digging. Don’t assume you know what expressions your audience is using. Instead, go on the platforms where they hang out and do some active listening…or reading.

Write down what problems they’re having in their exact words. Take note of the phrases your audience use when talking about services like yours, whether it’s issues or solutions. 

When a reader sees your copy and goes, “you took the words right out of my mouth,” it should be nearly literal. By mimicking your audience’s personality (as it relates to your brand), readers see more of your personality and resonate with what you write. So relatable! 

Another tip? Mine reviews of competitors and see what exactly they’re saying!


Use Your Brand Guide To Add Personality

If you haven’t fine-tuned your brand’s voice before now, write it on your to-do list pronto. 

Branding is not only having a logo and a color palette. It also includes the voice, tone, and words you regularly use in your copy. 

Think back to when you were in your teens and dished out random expressions like you’re the bomb-diggity…or, totally bodacious, dude…or, giggling snarkily, that’s what she said. Except, this time, it’s a bit more mature and aligns with your brand’s values…unless your brand has some snark. Then lean into that

Prepare a list of about twenty words that resonate with your core values and keep them on hand whenever you’re writing copy. Of course, don’t use all of them in every piece you write. Instead, throw in those that suit the topic you’re writing about where they best fit. And consider using some bomb-diggity adjectives to emphasize your points.


Share A Story

Storytelling will never die off. 

Even people who DETEST reading are mesmerized when they hear about Steve Jobs’ rags-to-riches life story. You don’t have to tell stories on as big a scale, however.

Sharing your day-to-day experiences in a story-like way can be just as juicy for your audience. 

Maybe on the day you’re writing copy, you’re wearing purple polka dot yoga pants, sitting with one leg propped underneath the other, and drinking some coffee with a dash of Baileys. Personality? Laid-back with a time-saving attitude. 

Let’s say you wished you were in a totally different spot in the world. 

Saint Lucia, perhaps? 

Can you feel the warm sun shining down? What’s your view like? Are you relaxing on a beach chair overlooking a pool? What are you sipping on? Appeal to the five senses to add dimension to your personality, and draw your audience in.

If you can be creative enough to describe an imaginary trip to Saint Lucia, you could also try recalling one from the distant past. Once it’s suitable for your copy, you’re good to go.


Write How You Talk

The days of essay writing are long gone for you. And, let me just tell you, the same rules that once applied to good writing have no place in the world of internet copy. 

Grammar rules are no exception. 

If you’re wondering how to create a dynamic voice in your copy, the answer is to be more conversational. Be friendly and be yourself. Most importantly, write as if you were talking out loud to your audience. 

Ideally, you want to pretend you’re speaking to one person only so that each reader in your audience truly feels like they’re chatting it up with a close friend. The more intimate you come off to your reader, the better.

Don’t get hung up on the grammar rules that once controlled your writing back in high school. In the world of the internet, rules are made to be broken. Like you, your audience has likely left those essay days behind (most of them, anyway). 

Even if copywriting is one-sided — you write solo while your audience reads it solo — your audience wants to feel like you’re actually speaking to them; in person, right now. Since they’re reading your words, you’ve replaced their own and are now the voice in their head, so be positive and helpful!



Where To Add Personality To Your Copy

Four areas you can work on adding in personality are:

  1. Blogs — Blog copy with personality builds community while adding value.
  2. Nurture emails — Email is personal no matter what. Be as real as possible when you show up in your audience’s inbox so you don’t get marked as spam.
  3. Website copy — Though mostly image-oriented, your website pages have many spaces where you can add in your personality.
  4. Social media (extended captions) — Adding personality to your social media copy will allow your audience to see your authenticity and boost your following and engagement. 


What To Expect When You Add Personality

When you get personal with your audience by showcasing your personality more, you may end up rubbing some people the wrong way. 

Sometimes, people simply disagree with your views or dislike something you revealed about your lifestyle. 

That’s ok!

Your goal is to reach your core audience. And if you’ve done the most important thing I mentioned — researching and actively listening to your audience — you’ll connect with exactly who you need to.


How do you choose which parts of your personality to share? You’re not going to share every aspect of who you are with the entire world, are you? Leave A LITTLE mystery! (And I’m not talking Colonel Mustard in the library with a wrench…keep them wanting more!)

If you want help adding personality to your copy, I’d love to help! A day rate is the perfect opportunity to dig deep here. Schedule a strategy call with me, and let’s get emotional together! 


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