First Impressions Project Week 2

First Impressions Project Week 2

I’m discovering something about myself when it comes to the first impressions project and web audits. Brevity is not my strength. Early on, I had thought to do full web audits with this project, but candidly 30-minute videos are long to watch. That’s why I settled on first impressions audits. We have 8 seconds to capture attention, so surely I can tell you what is working well within the first 2-3 minutes, right?

One would think I could do short and sweet, but I can’t help myself. So I’m still promoting this as 2-3 minutes, but most of you are getting 3-5 minute videos. The submissions are rolling in.

First Impressions Project – Week 2

Last week, I shared the first week of audits from the First Impressions Project.  (If you missed it, you can see them here.)

This week, we explored three more companies, who all strive on the personal touch when working with their clients. 

  1. BeneFIT Body Fitness, Personal Trainer and Online Coach
  2. One Eight Solutions, Leading Accountant
  3. Misty Knight, Women’s Life Coach

Here’s what we learned:

BeneFIT Body Fitness

BeneFIT Body Fitness is owned by Kelsey Melling, a Certified Fitness Trainer, Nutritionist, and Personal Coach.  She helps others break through their own fitness and health ruts. She works online with clients across the country as well as helping those in her local community (Tri-Cities, WA).

3 points that stand out for BeneFIT Body Fitness:

  1. Upgrading the headline will help users understand the transformation, we’re not selling fitness, we’re selling taking back your power.
  2. Talk more about problems before introducing Kelsey as the solution –> it should still be about the client now.
  3. Add a link in the “flatten the curve” workouts for more information.
    (P.S. I didn’t mention, but you could have a fun play on words “flatten your curves while flattening the curve.”)

Watch the full video for more details on what I found during BeneFIT Body Fitness audit.

One 8 Solutions

Jonathan Bello is one of the top accounting professionals in the country. His insights and ability to see the full picture benefit his clients, and he adds a personal touch while telling them the full story of what their numbers mean.

3 points that stand out for One 8 Solutions:

  1. Make it obvious to clients that they get accounting services, across the header and throughout the copy.
  2. Bigger and brighter image area that relates to the messaging.
  3. Talk more about benefits of working with One 8 Solutions for each item.

Watch the full video for more details on the One 8 Solutions audit.

Misty Knight

Misty Knight is an Entrepreneur, Author, Mom, and Personal Coach.  This is truly a behind-the-scenes look as she is building her website before making her site public.

3 points that stand out for Misty Knight

  1. A stronger headline that focuses on the transformation will help prospects understand what you offer.
  2. Reorganizing the main page and powering up the copy will make the client journey easier.
  3. Focusing on the problems you solve will help set you up as the perfect solution.

Watch the full video for more details on what was found during Misty’s audit.

Want to participate in the First Impressions Project? Hop on in today and apply!   Learn more here, 

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