6 Ways Web Copy Attracts Your Ideal Clients

6 Ways Web Copy Attracts Your Ideal Clients

Like everyone these days, your clients have a short attention span…very short. You have 8 seconds to grab them.  Potentially, that number is even lower these days now that everyone is taking on multiple roles. So how do you stand out? With web copy that speaks directly to their needs. 

You can use web copy in a number of ways to attract prospective clients within those 8 seconds and beyond. I say beyond because once you spark their initial interest, your audience continues engaging with your site, hopefully on the path you want them to take. As they learn more about you and how you solve their problems, you must continue engaging them along the journey…good copy makes their “yes” easy and a no-brainer. 

So how does this work? Let’s explore 6 methods of attracting and engaging your clients using web copy.


The Storyteller

Telling a personal story helps you connect with your potential clients and guide them on a path to want to work with you. Think of your experiences, put yourself in your clients’ shoes, and use these lenses to tell a story that genuinely engages your audience. 

Not sure where to start? Begin by brainstorming personal experiences, including your journey on the development of your business, or even your why.

Although telling a personal story describes your experiences, it’s essential to keep the focus on explaining how your offer helps your clients. Make it all about them!

Creating a semi-fictional story is also an option for attracting clients. Not every example has to be 100% based in reality (and in fact, some client agreements may make this challenging). Describing an experience, even if it’s not one you’re familiar with paints a picture for your clients so they can easily say, “Hey, that’s exactly what’s happening to me.” In fact, that’s a powerful technique for writing sales pages.

Use sensory words to tell your account so that your clients can picture themselves in your story.  Including words describing your five senses, helps your clients visualize how investing in your services makes their lives easier. 



Your clients are searching for the best resolutions to their problems. Your services are the key to unlocking some of those solutions. Providing a question and an answer to their problem in your web copy may spark their interest in learning more about you and how you can help.

Now, you may be wondering, “How exactly do I know what my clients’ problems are?” Use the wonderful world of social media and forums like Reddit or Quora to figure out what your clients are itching to know. Ask questions relating to your services (or search for existing questions), and you may dig up some surprising responses! 


The Humorous Punchline

“Life is better when you’re laughing.” This quote rings true for everyone.

Make your audience laugh. Humor is an excellent tool for getting people to let down their guard. And, when they laugh, they usually want to learn more about you. 

If humor is your thing, make sure to sprinkle fun web copy bites throughout your website or sales page. Just including a single punchline and then not adding humor anywhere else can make your page seem inconsistent.


Is Your About Page About You or About Them?

Focus your “About Me” page on your clients rather than on you. After all, they’re not coming to your site because they want to learn about you, they want to learn how you can help them. So make sure to frame your about me text around the benefits to your clients.   

This doesn’t have to get wordy, and in fact, it shouldn’t. A picture is worth a thousand words, and “as seen on” logo clouds and testimonials are worth their weight in gold (and social proof), in terms of showing prospects the value of working with you. 

Get Straight to the Point

Make sure to get your point across using as few words as possible. Sweet (or perhaps sassy) and straight to the point will win every time over something that is complex and requires extra thinking or digging. 

What does that mean? Think of the transformation that they will achieve from working with you, picture what their life looks like now, and then show them what it will look like later, as a result. Then frame all of your copy around that problem, solution, and transformation. You must craft your message accurately, all while intriguing your prospects.

Instead of getting wordy, use simple language that is easy to understand and digest. The true power of a good headline is that it drives action and makes the path simple and straightforward.


Headlining Your Web Copy

When you’re driving downtown in a busy city, you see plenty of billboards with headlines that make you stop and think, “Wow, that’s clever!” Those thought-popping headlines typically stick with you for a while. And clever may not always be the name of the game, but they are short, direct, and often note-worthy. 

Your website should do the same. And I’m not here to say it’s easy. In fact, a good website headline is hard. However, spending a significant chunk of time on a headline means that the rest of your copy flows better, and doesn’t have to work quite as hard. After all, a headline’s sole job is to guide readers into wanting more. So by hanging around longer, then prospects have already bought into you as a potential solution. 


Is There a Single Best Strategy for Web Copy?

Every entrepreneur develops their own brand voice and seeks a different audience. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all method to capture client attention. Moreover, you may want to consider factoring in each of these strategies into your website copy in different areas. Keep in mind, you shouldn’t just slap copy together — I mean, it could work, but tackling it with some strategy is your best move.

So, get down and dirty with some problem-solving. Research client problems, consider solutions, and then start using the same types of words clients use to describe your offerings.  

With that said, there are three main things top-notch copy should accomplish:

  1. Deliver on what sets you apart. What makes you stand out, allowing your clients to choose you? 
  2. Show that you understand your clients. What problems are your clients seeking answers for? 
  3. Explain your services. How do your services make life easier for your clients?

Thinking about the answers to these questions helps you decide how you can make your web copy appealing.

Looking for ideas? Consider searching the internet for real-life examples of different types of web copy within your market area. This will give you a better feel for what’s already out there and the expectations you can set for yourself to make your business stand out.

If writing your web copy is stressing you out, I want you to know that it’s okay. Writing copy is hard, and it can take time to learn and craft. You’re probably too close to it to be objective. And, get this, you’re far from alone…it’s why I do what I do. 

If you’re still stuck, I created the First Impressions Project just for this! I’m giving out free client experience audits to help you understand what’s working well on your site and what… isn’t. 

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