First Impressions Project Week 7

First Impressions Project Week 7

Hey! Back this week with another round of First Impressions Project Audits from three very cool companies. Please check them out and show each company some love!

If you think you’d like to get in line for a quick review, please apply to the project here.

First Impressions Project – Week 7

This week we explored these three sites:

  1. Auntie Jess’ Toys
  2. Mascara & Coffee
  3. Desired Effects Coaching

Auntie Jess Toys

Jess Claude founded Auntie Jess Toys (otherwise known at AJT) in 2019.  It was born out the love of watching her 11 nieces and nephews learn, grow, and explore through play.  The goal is for children to have fun playing with their toys while learning and exploring.

3 points that stand out for Auntie Jess Toys:

  1. Navigation could be spread out more and should include a Contact link.
  2. By reorganizing the home page so that you move up the story about the company and the fantastic images of play just below, you can boost the customer experience.
  3. The AJT Quarantine Academy is AWESOME, and could be even stronger with a banner across the top of the page.

Watch the full video for more details on what I found during the Auntie Jess Toys audit.  

Mascara & Coffee

Angela was looking for a fresh set of eyes on her site, she mentioned in her application that she doesn’t seem to be getting any traction.  Mascara & Coffee was born out of a need for something of her own after her son had started school.  She fell in love with a skincare company after much research.  She can color match your foundation for you, offer great tips and tricks, and above else make the makeup buying experience painless with her 1-on-1 approach.

3 points that stand out for Mascara & Coffee:

  1. An updated theme could really help, also it’s important for prospects to understand what it is you do right away.
  2. Use a headline to get super clear on what people get out of your site and simplify your navigation to make it easier to move around
  3. By focusing on what’s important to your customers you can then tailor everything on your site to what they want to hear.

Watch the full video for more details on what I found during the Mascara & Coffee audit.  (Visit Mascara & Coffee here)

Desired Effects Coaching

Desiree Musselman mentioned that she is seeing a fair amount of traffic to her site, but wasn’t getting sign-ups.  Desiree is a certified coach and professional trainer specializing in Career Development, Emotional Intelligence, and Stress Management. She works with small businesses and large corporations.

3 points that stand out for Desired Effects Coaching include:

  1. The very first impression is that the font is hard to read, make a change to something bolder, and sans serif for easier readability.
  2. Change up headline → take your business from good to great (remove question), and then start focusing on the who. What kind of businesses? What kind of results do great mean? Either adjust the headline to reflect that…or use a subhead to clarify further and make everything YOU-driven.
  3. I wouldn’t ask right away if coaching is right for them…make that go further down… the first action you want them to take…call you?

Watch the full video for more details on what I found during the Desired Effects Coaching audit. (You can visit Desired Effects Coaching here)

Want to participate in the First Impressions Project? Hop on in today and apply!   Learn more here,  

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