First Impressions Project Week 6

First Impressions Project Week 6

Hey! Back this week with another round of First Impressions Audits from three very awesome companies with really cool missions. Please check them out and show each company some love!

If you think you’d like to get in line for a quick review, please apply to the project here.

First Impressions Project – Week 6

This week we explored these three sites:

  1. Plastic Tree
  2. Our Girl Collective
  3. Mama May I, Jessica Perkins

Plastic Tree

The Plastic Tree is a fairly new start-up looking to increase the number of uses before it’s time to recycle.  They are a women-owned company and the only company in the waste management industry that can boast a one-hundred percent electric fleet.  They are looking to encourage more businesses to go “reusable” and they are currently running a pilot program in Washington DC for residential services where they will pick up from your doorstep saving you time and money.  Another cool thing to know is that any plastic or glass that is undamaged can easily be cleaned and returned to a manufacturer or small business to be refilled or reused. How cool is that?!

3 points that stand out for Plastic Tree:

  1. Focus on a headline and a tagline. The Headline is good, but there should be a tagline about solutions.
  2. Add a call to action with the two options Residential + Commercial with a line beneath about tertiary
  3. Love the one tree planted.  I would like to know more about how people earn trees planted.

Watch the full video for more details on what I found during the Plastic Tree audit.  (Visit Plastic Tree here)

Our Girl Collective

Hilary wrote on her application that she wasn’t sure if her copy translated into the problems she solves for her clients.  Working as a life coach and therapist for teen girls for the last twelve years is what led her to develop an online space for them.   Our Girl Collective is an online club for Mom’s and Daughters to build confidence, connection, and support each other in a safe space.

3 points that stand out for Our Girl Collective:

  1. I love the logo in the upper right corner but it is hard to read, so I would try to make it significantly larger so that it can be read.
  2. Remove the logo from the first section, and create a bolder statement by choosing larger font size.
  3. Heart section hard to read, the background is distracting…change to photo treatment? Love the scrapbook feel…could be powerful throughout the site.

Watch the full video for more details on what I found during the Forest Bathing Central audit.  (Visit Our Girl Collective here)

Jessica Perkins & Mama May I

Jessica Perkins wanted some feedback on her “shop” side and her main site.  Her shop Mama May I, which is super fun and specializes in handmade learning toys.  Jessica’s love for toys started helping her mom in the family’s handmade toy store.  That love developed further when her own children were born.

2 points that stand out for her Mama May I shop site include:

  1. Awesome header images, it would be great if the text could stand out more and be searchable.
  2. Would love to know more about the company and what the benefits are from shopping with you.

2 points that stand out for her Jessica Perkins site include:

  1. Simplifying navigation helps narrow down what someone should do first.
  2. Including text will help communicate the services and benefits to make you unique.

Watch the full video for more details on what I found during The Jessica Perkins/Mama May I audit. (You can visit Mama May I here and Jessica Perkins here)

Want to participate in the First Impressions Project? Hop on in today and apply!   Learn more here,  

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