First Impressions Project Week 15

First Impressions Project Week 15

The First Impressions Project may be ending, but in addition to helping 45 businesses streamline their websites, we’ve learned a lot about common problems faced by entrepreneurs who DIY their websites. And, it’s leading to some insanely cool offerings coming your way. If, as you review these last few audits, you want one for yourself, I’ll be offering this as a paid service. Just contact me to learn more about what you can expect. Now, onward!


First Impressions Project – Week 15

This week we explored these three sites:

  1. Nina’s Empire
  2. Terisha Theisen Photography
  3. Jenkins Coaching, LLC

Nina’s Empire

Nina Kauffman is on a mission to empower women to show the world what’s possible when we ditch the diet & love ourselves! She is a self-love coach, nutritionist, anti-diet advocate & NLP student.  She founded her Empire to help you stop obsessing about food & start obsessing about living your dream life!

3 points that stand out for Nina’s Empire:

  1. Great program, great copy, but I think overall simplification is needed.
  2. Break up different sections with color blocks and images instead of different fonts.
  3. There is a lot going on in the navigation I would try to simplify the navigation.

Watch the full video for more details on what I found during Nina’s Empire audit.  (Visit Nina’s Empire here)

Terisha Theisen Photography

Terisha Theisen is a Wisconsin based commercial photographer.  She creates visual content that builds your brand and helps your bottom line. She loves working with women and mom-based businesses – including those who are doing it as a solopreneur, those who have a small team/business, and those who are fellow creatives.

3 points that stand out for Terisha Theisen Photography:

  1. Go a little deeper into the transformation in your headline.
  2. More CTAs throughout to be able to learn more about each area.
  3. Create copy to be action-oriented and more YOU focused.

Watch the full video for more details on what I found during Terisha Theisen Photography audit.  (Visit Terisha Theisen Photography here)

Jenkins Coaching, LLC

Naomi Jenkins hit a new rock bottom a few years ago and was struggling to find joy in the mundanities of everyday motherhood. That’s when she stumbled across the powerful work of thought work and self-coaching and within a very short period of time, she began to transform her life.  She believed in those tools so much she become certified to teach and coach others.

3 points that stand out for  Jenkins Coaching, LLC include:

  1. Simplify your headline to speak to the transformation.
  2. Rework your about section, centered text is hard to read at times.
  3. Create copy that shares what your services are and how you can help.

Watch the full video for more details on what I found during the Jenkins Coaching, LLC audit. (You can visit Jenkins Coaching, LLC here)

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