First Impressions Project Week 13

First Impressions Project Week 13

It’s rewarding to me to know that these audits are helping clients have the confidence to improve their own websites with just a few tweaks here and there.  As we wind down the First Impressions Project, be sure to apply if you think you’d like to get in line for a quick review, please apply to the project here.


First Impressions Project – Week 13

This week we explored these three sites:

  1. Essential Allie
  2. Courtney Henry
  3. Clear View Coaching

Essential Allie

Allie Stewart is just starting her Virtual Assistant business, so it was a great time to get another set of eyes on her site.  Allie is incorporating her years of proven and practical experience in the workforce as an Administrative Assistant, Project Specialist, Editor, and Clinic Manager, to help your business get the results you need, so you can focus on maximizing your growth and profit.

3 points that stand out for Essential Allie:

  1. Consider a transformational headline
  2. Reorganize about section
  3. Add basic services info to home page

Watch the full video for more details on what I found during the Essential Allie audit.  (Visit Essential Allie here)

Courtney Henry Consulting

Courtney Henry started her business as a way to marry my expertise in marketing with my passion for helping others and my love for all things well-being.  After her own health struggles, she turned to alternative means to diagnose and treat my symptoms. Many of the providers she partnered with struggled to reach or maintain a healthy customer base and achieve their business goals.  She knew she could use her expertise to help them as they helped her.

3 points that stand out for Courtney Henry Consulting:

  1. Love the layout, consider making your words sit on top of the image instead of being part of it as it helps with SEO.
  2. Move Services to 3 boxes on the home page with mini descriptions.
  3. Very centered which works well for mobile, but it’s a lot of text across the page.

Watch the full video for more details on what I found during the Courtney Henry Consulting audit.  (Visit Courtney Henry Consulting here)

Clear View Coaching

Libby Simon started Clear View Coaching to help women achieve breakthroughs in their lives by navigating them through visualization, goal setting, and decision making. With over a decade of Coaching experience in multiple industries, she becomes your champion through life and works through the big life decisions to create breakthroughs that allow you to fully realize your purpose.

3 points that stand out for Clear View Coaching include:

  1. Build a headline that’s a little more specific to what kind of breakthroughs, who you are or what you do.
  2. CTA that’s specific on what the action is you want someone to take.
  3. Use more you focused language in the introduction to you.

Watch the full video for more details on what I found during the Rancho Tax and Bookkeeping audit. (You can visit Clear View Coaching here)

Want to participate in the First Impressions Project? Hop on in today and apply!   Learn more here,  

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