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How to Build Your Best Lead Gen System

Your best lead gen system isn’t what you think. It has less to do with getting new leads than it does wowing the clients you already have. And in my business, I break it down in to four key systems. So why this topic? And why now? Client experience has been on my mind a lot […]

How to Create a Website Marketing Plan that Drives and Converts Traffic

In today’s world, your website is the backbone of your entire marketing plan, or it should be. In fact, done right, your website marketing plan can be one of the most effective inbound marketing strategies you use. Let me explain. While lots of people think of their sites as simple online brochures, the reality is […]

5 years in business (and 8 takeaways from entrepreneurship)

Recently, I filed my annual report, which means it’s been 5 years officially since I opened my business. 5 years in business (and 8 takeaways from entrepreneurship). Looking back, there are a few things I did quite well–and others that I wish I had done better, sooner, or differently. Here are the top 8 takeaways […]

Thought Leadership as a Marketing Strategy

Just about every marketing conversation I go into involves some mention of thought leadership. There’s a lot of confusion out there around what it is, how to create it, and how to make it rank for search. So I’m here to address all of that… And if you’re wondering why as a brand messaging strategist […]

The Invisibility Dilemma: Telling Your Story in Public

My framework, the REACH Visibility Trajectory is all about assembling the building blocks so you can show up and convert your audience. The only problem? Sometimes it’s all too easy (and comfortable) to be invisible. By failing to tell your story in public new prospects won’t discover you, and your existing audience may forget you […]

Telling Your Story: What Does it Actually Mean?

You’ll often hear me talking about the importance of telling your story and how to do it effectively.  I recently shared this video going through finding the right story to tell at a high level.     Prefer the reader’s cliff notes? Here goes. That means finding an effective way to tell your story everywhere […]

Realign Your Messaging with 3 Rules for Storytelling

In a world bombarded by promotional messages and clickbait, businesses that stand out are those that connect with their audience on a deeper level. Storytelling is a powerful tool in achieving this connection, and it becomes all the more compelling when it’s woven into your brand messaging. In simple terms, brand messaging is the language […]

4 Ways Misaligned Brand Messaging Could Be Hurting Your Content Marketing

Developing a content marketing strategy is too often seen purely as a numbers game.  Put out a lot of content. Get as many eyes as possible on that content.  The theme always seems to be more. More content. More eyeballs. More leads. Social media is one of the most popular channels for content marketing. Whether […]

Brand Messaging Makeover: 6 Ways to Add Magic to Your Customer Experience [Video]

Recently, I wrote about 5 secret sauce ingredients for your brand messaging makeover. In that article, I focused on strategies for tapping into your customers’ brains to find brand messaging golden nuggets. Today, we’re heading back into the marketing lab to show you how to USE that information to implement your brand messaging. After all, […]

How to Practice Human-First Marketing

Human-first marketing and messaging should be everyone’s priority. And before anyone says “But I’m in the B2B space,” here’s some food for thought. Even though your *client* or customer may be a company, the company itself isn’t the decision maker. Humans are. So while there’s nothing wrong *per se* with writing copy and designing marketing […]

5 Secret Sauce Ingredients for Killer Brand Messaging

If you have customers (or you know who your customers are-slash-will be), you’re sitting a top a veritable gold mine of inspiration for messaging, copy, and content. While great customers are worth their weight in gold, they can also help you turn basic “blah” messaging into a golden elixir. Want another way to look at […]

Recession-Proof Your Biz by Cutting Costs of Inconsistent Brand Messaging

Recession-Proof Your Biz by Cutting Costs of Inconsistent Brand Messaging

Experts still agree: a recession late in 2023 is inevitable. How big it will be is anyone’s guess, but that’s not stopping the universal knee-jerk reaction. Cut the budget. Trim the fat. Streamline. Pull up the ol’ bootstraps.  Since marketing initiatives and the associated results appear intangible, the marketing budget is often the first victim […]