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How to create good thought leadership content that also ranks for SEO

If you spend time on LinkedIn or browsing industry publications, you may be familiar with the idea of ‘thought leadership.’ If not, or you’ve wondered what it really is, here’s my definition. Thought leadership refers to a person or brand positioning themselves as experts by sharing their ideas and opinions with their target audience.  At […]

5 Ways a Content Strategy Fuels Your Entire Marketing Plan

Talk to six different content strategists and you’ll get six different “best strategies” for developing a content plan. But if you talk to all six of them, you’ll find some common threads. And the key here, really, is that a good content strategy can fuel your entire marketing plan. WHAT?!? That’s a great big statement. […]

6 Myths of SEO-Friendly Content and Copy in 2023

SEO is boring and painful, so SEO-friendly writing must be too, right? WRONG! Today, I’m going to explore the myths of SEO-friendly writing and break it down so that you can start writing content that works for you. Before we dive in, it’s important to note that quality content matters far more than anything else. […]