Attract superstar clients with web copy that engages and converts…and get it done FAST!

You’re the SNACKWORTHY solution your clients reach for again and again…

…and it’s time to let your website copy show them you’re so exceptional they can’t help but stick around.


When you speak directly to your clients’ needs and show why you’re the perfect answer to their biggest problem, they want to work with you!

The challenge?

Writing those words can turn into a months-long obsession even if you have the strategy and know-how. 

Let me save you time, stress, and overthinking your words with my website copy intensives. Working together you can have kickass web copy in a week…not months upon months.

It starts with a short call so we can see if we’re really a fit.

All that’s left to decide is when you want to get started.

Your investment for a week-long 5-7-page website copy project starts at $3000, with most projects ranging from $3500 to $4500! Here’s what it looks like:

The week before we take on your web copy, we’ll have a kick-off call where we run through strategy and kick off our pre-writing research. 

This  might include

  • an audit of your existing site
  • mining your reviews and testimonials for keyphrases and customer voice
  • SEO research to ensure we’re including important terms in essential areas of your site

This is the meat and potatoes. We’ll go to work behind the scenes writing your website copy in a Google document. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • A copy deck featuring project overview that demonstrates project goals, shows copy that appears on every page, and includes links to any research we’ve done on your behalf.
  • Your new website copy in a Google document that uses tables to help you visualize what the copy will look like on your site. What’s more, it gives your designer insights into the strategy and idea behind the copy.


Through our work together, we’ll hone in on your voice, explore words you like or don’t like, and more. When I present your copy, you’ll receive a cover page that outlines the copy itself, while also providing additional recommendations for connecting with your business, your customers, and recommended practices for your own communications and outreach. What’s more, you can use elements of this for your own marketing efforts.

You’ll receive your website copy with a Loom video walkthrough so you understand why we made each decision, the strategy behind each section, and how to provide feedback on the copy.


On Friday, we’ll have a 90-minute call to run through your edits and changes. Live reviews maximize our time together by allowing us to talk through your edits and understand what you love best and what tweaks to make. We make them live and by the end of this session, clients typically walk away with their final web copy. 

Even though our work together on your website copy is DONE, there are plenty of opportunities to continue working together, and better yet, I include a few important bonuses that clients love:

  • Designer/developer recommendations. I work with some phenomenal designers and developers, and I can recommend a few based on your platform, your needs, and your timing — whether you want a site in a day, a week, a month, or something else.
  • Collaboration with your designer. I’ll spend up to 30 minutes on a call with your designer so that they can run through strategy questions.
  • Final Review. Once your site and copy is completely designed and in beta or live, I’ll look over it, make sure all elements are complete, and nothing is omitted, and give you video feedback. This session can take place within 60 days of copy hand-off.
  • So you’ve got a website…now what? After our project concludes, I’ll create a custom roadmap that outlines my recommendations for getting visible and show up where your clients hang out so that you can start connecting with prospects in a way that mirrors your website messaging.

Ready to get started? Book a call now to hop on the schedule!

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