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Meet the Endless Snack Platter

Indulge in an all-Erin-can-write experience and set your business apart.

The Endless Snack Platter is like having a copywriter on-demand. Your projects get top priority, whatever they are. 

And best of all, it’s a flat rate copywriting subscription that you can pause or cancel at any time. 

Think of it like DoorDash for your copywriting needs.

The Endless Snack Platter is perfect for you, if:

  • You’re pivoting, launching, or in growth-mode and can’t create all the assets you need with your time and resources.
  • You have big ideas and need help with the execution or you’ve got a backlog of copy projects that you need to knock out.
  • You want a strategic partner who understands your vision and can help you create copy that meets your goals in your voice.


Look, it’s perfect for a lot of people, but these are the scenarios I had in mind when designing this subscription.

The Endless Snack Platter gives you:

  • Priority access to my full suite of copywriting services (that go beyond the messaging, website, and sales copy you know me for).
  • My eyes and brain on your stuff every day.
  • Monthly strategy calls to align expectations and content.
  • Oh yeah, and unlimited requests, unlimited edits, and unlimited priority shifts. That’s what makes it endless.
"Erin is a masterful writer who thoughtfully understands your needs and efficiently delivers copy that is on point and effective at communicating your message."
Verona Eaton

Here's how the Endless Snack Platter breaks down:

The first step is saying "Heck yeah, Erin. I'm in!"

  • Faster than you can say “Order Up!” we’ll schedule a 60-minute onboarding call.
  • We’ll pre-load some of your requests into the ticketing system.
  • Then I’ll get to work on your first project(s).
  • You can sit back and relax while I write. Or you can add more work to the queue, adjusting priority as you go.
  • From there, you can review your projects as I complete them and kick any edits back to me.
  • And, each month we’ll have a 60-minute strategy call to make sure we’re on the right track. 

It’s seriously that easy!

"I’ll tell you what I value most about working with Erin – she is truly a gifted writer, writing across any industry, any platform. She flexibly fits in where needed and has the best editing/proofreading skills around. To have Erin as an extension of your team is money well spent!”
Julie Whitehead
Creative Director, Axio Design

Why The Endless Snack Platter?

It’s better than a typical retainer and project-based work because

  • Typical retainers have restrictions in place around time or credits.
  • Project-based work requires lots of back and forth to confirm scope and rates.
  • Availability for projects depends on when your copywriter is available.

All that means is a bigger headache for just about everyone.

The Endless Snack Platter is win-win. No time back-and-forth time getting bids and timeline estimates. Instead I’m always working on one of your projects.

No huge commitments. 

Just month to month. Because you might need a year of work. But you might not.

The Deets:

  • One monthly payment of US $5,000
  • Pause or cancel at any time (you’ll have until the end of the month with me)
  • Unlimited copy requests tackled one project at a time
  • An average turn around of 2-5 days per project
  • Unlimited revisions on every project
  • Monthly 60-minute strategy call

Sound like a plan to you?

One seat available now.

It’s first-come, first-served at a reduced rate of US $4,250 for the first three months (yep a 15% savings).

Email [email protected] to get started.

Excellent. I have LOTS of answers!

Companies with a growing headcount that need a lot of copy or content and priorities may shift rapidly. → I see you Hattie, Head of Content.

Agencies who want to white label copy and know that their clients’ are in good hands. → Annie Agency Owner, you were top of mind when I set this up. 

Small businesses or solopreneurs who are making some changes or have lots of big ideas or a backlog of content and need help with execution. → Esmeralda Entrepreneur, I designed this for you.

I do have a Split Plate option that allows multiple people to share one Platter. Split the cost, split the work, it’s still as easy (and tasty) as pie.

That depends! If all you have is copy editing needs, I could get through quite a few of those in one month with the average turnaround only being 2 days per request.

Other types of copy (blogs, case studies, web pages) take an average of 3-5 days per request (sometimes longer), so if you have more high-value projects like that, we’ll complete fewer requests. I’ll help you plan accordingly during our strategy sessions.

No problem. The beauty of this is that it’s month to month. Cancel anytime. And, just like Netflix, you have access to the subscription until the end of the month. 

Life happens and I get that. Just ask me to pause and I’ll hold your payment plan and current project requests. You’ll keep your spot for up to 30 days. After that, your Subscription will be canceled and the seat given to someone else.  The goal is to build long-term relationships. But, if you run short on copy or need to put it on hold, no problem. You can pause at any time. Like Netflix, if you pause or cancel, you get the rest of the billing period. Same here.

You’ll get a head’s up about any planned vacation time of a week or longer to ensure that we’re planning ahead for your top priority requests. If it’s longer than a week, I’ll adjust your payment schedule.

Yes, but… I’ll make it as flexible and easy to use as possible so it’s a seamless process that is easier (and faster) than sending an email. And we’ll customize the intake/request form based on your needs.

Erin’s copywriting expertise was clear right up front when she helped me create a sales funnel for a paid course. She made solid recommendations for voice, content, and tone that helped me reframe my offer and the resulting email series has generated consistent sales. I definitely recommend working with her!
Elna Cain
Elna Cain

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