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Turn Your Messaging into Magic with Steph Trovato

m2m ep steph trovato (1)

In this transformative episode, Steph tells us how she got her break in the unique field of dental marketing just before COVID hit and transitioned into freelancing to help make ends meet. Steph recalls how her early freelance days were filled with a lot of learning and cold pitches, but with persistence, she soon began […]

Turn Your Messaging into Magic with Heather Bowen Ray

m2m ep Heather Bowen Ray (2)

In this episode, Heather talks about how working for small businesses and solopreneurs propelled her into the niche of wellness. She gives us an insight into her process, which involves building out the brand’s story while focusing on the needs of their audiences and how copywriters can utilize this strategy for their clients as well. […]

Turn Your Messaging into Magic with Stefanie Small

Message into Magic Stefanie Small

How do you present yourself online? Media strategist and web designer Stefanie Small is here to talk about the evolution of careers and how to understand what matters to your customers.   Learn more about her at www.StefanieSmall.com Find her on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stefanie-… — Turn Your Messaging Into Magic is a live broadcast on Facebook, […]