Get that copy project off your plate.

Make it happen.

Hit up happy hour.

All in a DAY’S work

(or two).

Get that copy project off your plate.

Make it happen.

Hit up happy hour.

All in a DAY’S work

(or two).

Have you ever needed it "like, yesterday?"

If you’ve had a project on your plate FOREVER…

or, if your DIY copy isn’t quite where you want it to be…

or,  if you just need something STAT, I’ve got you!

Bring me your project.
I’ll focus my energy to give you copy that works.

The best part? It all happens fast!

Want to see what we can tackle in an hour?

I have a 1-hour strategy option too!

Whether you want to run ideas past me, get answers to your marketing questions, or see what we can accomplish, you can book an hour-long VIP session with me!

It’s perfect for getting clarity and a tailored solution for a problem you’ve been trying to solve. And if we decide the best path forward is a VIP day, then you can apply your strategy session fee toward our day or half-day together!

Have questions about what we can do? Schedule a consult, or email me [email protected]


What will our intensive look like?

It's "choose your own adventure" meets marketing badassery.


What you get:

1 hour Kick-Off call

Content Ideation for a 6-month tactical strategy

Google Sheet Roadmap

Guidelines for hiring a writer

2 Days



What you get:

1 hour Kick-Off call

Landing/TY page copy

Lead Magnet

Social Posts

5-7 email nurture sequence

2 Days



What you get:

1 hour Kick-Off call

Long-form sales page copy

Loom copy presentation

7 days of Voxer support

Email outline

2 Days


Want to know what else we can do?


(turns out, there’s a lot)

If you have something else in mind, set up a time to chat!

Sounds great, so how does it all work?

(I'm glad you's how it breaks down)


Apply for a VIP Intensive.

Have questions about what we can do, or know you need a team?

Schedule a consult, or email me [email protected]


We’ll schedule a kick-off call for the week before your intensive.

I’ll send a few questions in advance to ensure we’re on the same page about your goals.

We’ll run through this on our kick-off call.


Our kick-off call ensures that we are fully aligned on the project and have everything we need for success.

To maximize our time, most projects include 20-minute conversations on each end, with short Voxer messages throughout the day to clarify questions.


I’ll check in via Voxer and will then sit down and start writing. I may ping you with questions or clarifications.

At the end of our intensive, I’ll give you a Google doc with deliverables, and we’ll wrap with a 20-minute call.
Bada bing. Bada boom.


The ideas above are simply jumping-off points. If there’s something else you’d like to tackle and you want to make sure we can get it done, APPLY HERE with the details and we can discuss.

Short answer, yes! Focused VIP copy sessions are available in 4-hour blocks if we need to cover something with more live back and forth. These are $1500. 

Maybe, maybe not. It will, however, save you time. The goal of VIP Intensives is to get as much done as fast as possible. It’s good solid work that gets you 90% of the way there and propels you approximately eleventy-billion steps closer to the finish line. It may be that a done-for-you project is a better fit.

Yes – I’m holding this time slot for YOU. So I do require payment in full prior to our day together.

Your VIP Intensive is non-refundable, but may be transferred to another date or service with 7 days prior notice and must be used within 90 days, pending availability.

Generally, volume discounts are not available and are provided at our discretion only. If you want to book multiple VIP Intensives in a 30-day period, apply and give me the details.

You’ve got a project you need to get done stat, and you know it starts with copy, but that you’ll also need other support — whether that means clarifying your offers, developing workflows and systems, or something else — from design to web development. Apply with the details and we can make some magic happen. 

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