Uplevel Your USP In UNDER an Hour

Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is foundational to writing *really* awesome website copy or any other copy for that matter, so why is writing your own USP so hard?

This FREE training breaks down why you NEED a USP and shares a simple formula and worksheet that makes crafting yours as easy as filling out mad libs.

This training is over, but you can still snag the recording!

What will we cover?

Fair enough. You're giving me YOUR time, you want to know what's in it for you. What if you walked away with a USP that you could use EVERYWHERE?

We'll be covering:

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Who am I anyway?

Nice to meet you! I'm Erin Pennings, founder of CopySnacks, and every project I take on starts with defining my client's USP.

From web copy to sales pages, your USP is foundational for your marketing.

And I'm going to deliver a training that shows you how to use (and re-use) your USP, AND delivers a powerful tool you can use to get to the heart of YOURS.

And...there's more...

Everyone who joins the webinar live gets a special thank you gift IN ADDITION to the USP Mad Libs worksheet and the training.

(We ARE recording this, and everyone who registers will also get a little gift, but I hope you'll show up live for the biggest gift!)

If you're at all considering revamping your website, you'll want to consider it!

So, what d'ya say?

Join me!

This workshop ended, but you can snag the recording!

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