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Turn Your Messaging into Magic with Joanne Homestead

Would you say that you have a work-life balance?

Joanne and I bonded over the challenges (and delights) of parenting and running a business.

Our conversation covered so many amazing things from setting intentions for your day, to Joanne’s newest offer teaching clients how to email with confidence.

We had an incredible conversation that included the parallels between copywriting and teaching (which Joanne did for 15 years) and even continued offline.

We also dive into the importance of taking care of yourself, personal growth and inner peace.



Joanne Homestead, founder of Desk Plant Creatives, and email copywriter and strategist is here to talk about her obsession with copywriting and emails — and the challenges of parenting AND owning a business.

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Turn Your Messaging Into Magic is a live broadcast on Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube almost every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 9:00 AM Central. We talk about all things marketing and messaging. I bring on guests to chat about their experiences in the online business world.  Think of it like being a fly on the wall in an awesome coffee shop. You’ll hear everything about these amazing guests’ lives — coffee preferences, the weather, favorite animals…and so much more. And if you’re interested in joining me for a future conversation, contact me today.

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