The 4 Things Your Site Should do for Your Business

The 4 Things Your Site Should do for Your Business

How often do you apologize for your website? Nearly everyone who owns a business has been there. The reason? Well, that varies…and here are a few of the most common:

❌You don’t have a website at all.
❌You haven’t touched your site in years, and it looks like it was made circa 2009 or (shudder) 1999.
❌Your site *looks* okay, but the reality is it doesn’t reflect what you’re building towards.
❌Your copy is insanely generic.
❌Your site is *decent*, but you’ve pivoted enough over the years that it’s just not that close to what you do.

There’s good news, though.

You’re not alone, and if the copy is in any way part of the problem, a new site could be closer than you think. If you’re looking for quick wins, you might consider:
👉revisiting your USP (I’m hosting a free event in 10 days)
👉tweaking your headline
👉reviewing your CTAs

If you’re going to audit your site, you can snag my list of 10 of the most important things to consider (and 30 quick fixes you can try). However, if you know you need to devote some time to revamping everything, you should know that copy comes before design. And you basically have two options when it comes to the copy:

1. You can hire someone to do it for you

2. You can write it yourself and hope like heck that you follow the right strategy and that it hits the right points.

And actually?

There’s a 3rd option.

3. You can write it yourself with someone (ahem, me) at your side to help you get it right, talk through the copy changes, and hold you accountable to get it done.

How? My course Whomp Whomp to Wow is opening back up this month. And you can get on the waiting list **right now**.

**Because it’s the last time at this price and in this format, you won’t want to miss it!**


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