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No Brand Strategy? Your Business is Losing Money

All brands are businesses, but not all businesses are brands. What’s that? Even though your brand is how other people see you, when you don’t take time to define how you want to show up, you risk someone else defining your business. To that end, any business operating without an established brand strategy is missing […]

Your #1 Best Lead Generation Tool Is Your Client Experience

As a service business, you want to stand out FAR above your competition and generate high quality, consistent leads at the same time. Heck, as a product business, you want to do the same and remove as much friction as possible for your customers. The #1 primo-primo best way to be a shining light in […]

Want a Home Page That Works For You? Make Sure it’s a Roadmap to Your Biz

Does every new visitor’s trip to your home page effectively mirror your clients’ journey? Does your home page act as a website roadmap? Have you ever thought about it this way? Most everyone knows the website is an important part of a successful business, but many business owners are not really sure what to do […]

How to Use Voice of Customer Research for Stronger Brand Messaging

What exactly is Voice of Customer Research? (… And why do we bother with it?) Conducting interviews, sending surveys, mining testimonials and combing through social media – all adds up to hours (and sometimes hours and hours!) spent poking around behind the scenes. And not a single moment of it making a direct sale or […]

Learn to Speak Their Language and Attract Better Fit Leads

Sales is like a tripod: and when you think about it, a tripod is only as strong as its weakest side. If just one side is even slightly off, even though it might not immediately topple over, the whole thing starts to wobble precariously. The three parts of sales must all be in alignment to […]

How to Build Your Best Lead Gen System

Your best lead gen system isn’t what you think. It has less to do with getting new leads than it does wowing the clients you already have. And in my business, I break it down in to four key systems. So why this topic? And why now? Client experience has been on my mind a lot […]

The Importance of Adaptability for Startup Success in 2023

Have you thought about startup business in the year 2023? You’re not alone. Despite the challenges of the past few years, entrepreneurship is still thriving, and many aspiring startup business owners are taking the leap to pursue their dreams. This article will explore some essential tips, tricks, and tools for starting a successful business in […]

Lead Generation Mistakes You’re Making in Your Consulting Business

Running a business takes a lot of work and time, and if you want to be successful, you’ve probably spent countless hours on your lead generation. Whether you work in accounting, construction, or even solar energy, you’ve most likely experienced the “feast and famine” cycle where you’ll be booked one month and have little to […]