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Never Have I Ever: Website (copy) Edition

Writing your own website copy is HARD, right?

Insanely hard. YOU know your business and it’s ALL important, so how do you know what’s most important?

So…let’s play a game — and let me know how many of these things you can relate to!

Spoiler alert: These are the most common pitfalls that small business owners face as they write their own website copy. And I’ve encountered them all on a VERY personal level.

I’m sharing these today so you know that you aren’t alone 🙂

Plus, I have a little present for you –> my 10-point website check-up is available to you free! I’ve designed it to help you understand what your site is doing well, and where it needs a bit of work so that you can get started on improving it!

(You can grab it here)

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