Launch Debrief: Behind the scenes of Whomp Whomp to Wow 2023

Who: my audience is largely copywriters, coaches, and marketing strategists who spend a ton of time helping other people gain clarity but struggle to do it for themselves.

What: Whomp Whomp to Wow: a 28 day copywriting

When: Feb 20 to March 1

Where: EVERYWHERE 🙂 (TikTok, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Email, Website)

Why: Because I absolutely adore teaching and helping people get the clarity they need to confidently put themselves and their business out there.


Tl;dr: If you’d rather watch the debrief as a video, you can watch the replay here


The pre-launch:

As early as December, I started teasing website content to help people understand the problem, toss out some truth bombs, and tease the solution with a CTA to hop on the waitlist.

And everywhere I talked about Whomp Whomp to Wow, I made sure to mention it would be the final time I was offering the current price or format.

What worked: It started giving people a head’s up about the program and why it might be a good fit for their needs.

🚫What didn’t work: Nothing really. There’s always more you can do, but I’m happy with this part of the launch.


The runway:

In late January, I started teasing the launch event, again, so people knew it was coming. Then in early February, I did 5 things:

  1. I created the event in LinkedIn, a landing page in ThriveCart, and welcome sequence in ActiveCampaign and invited people.
  2. I started sharing “doors open” timelines on social, in emails, and in conversations.
  3. I shared early access dates with the Waitlist.
  4. I also revisited the sales page and the course emails to make sure they’re correctly timed out.
  5. I started connecting with affiliates and sharing emails with them.


What worked: For once, tech didn’t fail me somehow. Everything worked.

🚫What didn’t work: I wish I’d gotten affiliates amped up sooner. That’s my biggest area across the board for improvement. Outside of that, I’m pretty happy. At the end of the day, I always wish I had done more. More live trainings, more conversations, not more emails though. 


Launch week:

Rather than spell out all the details, here’s a bullet list of #allthethings

  • Reminder to email list about doors opening and the event, and a reminder to the waitlist that they get early access. 
  • Opened to wait list on Monday
  • Training Tuesday that delivered value + opened the doors.
  • Doors to everyone on Wednesday.
  • Daily emails written and sent each day during launch. 
  • Daily social posts — blending myth busting, sales posts, and testimonials — written and video.
  • Hourly social check ins for messages

What worked: For once, tech didn’t fail me somehow. Everything worked.

🚫What didn’t work: For a two-women operation with a max of 24 hours a day, it went well. Could we do more if we had a bigger team? Sure. But all in all, I’m extremely happy. Across the board, I wish I’d strived for greater visibility.

Have questions? Please let me know. I’m more than happy to run through any of this debrief in more detail.

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