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Hiring Junior Copywriters

Let's grow together...

CopySnacks is looking for writers!

You could be a fit if you…

  • Want to learn how to develop exceptional website copy and blog article content that drives conversions.
  • Have native-level fluency with American English, written and spoken.
  • Can work from an outline and/or creative brief.
  • Can take and apply open and honest feedback.
  • Take deadlines seriously and meet them.
  • Can adapt to various brand styles, voices, and tones.

Ideally, you’ll also understand the principles of SEO, and have familiarity with ClickUp or other project management software, however, this is not required.

Rates vary based on project type and scope. If it’s a good fit, and we can form a solid working relationship, I’ll build your fees into future proposals so we can grow together.



support small businesses and entrepreneurs with sustainable marketing strategy, giving them the tools to connect with their audience, nurture relationships, and reach their goals, all while delivering an exceptional experience.


RELATIONSHIPS COME FIRST: Above all, people matter. Whether personal or professional, we prioritize relationships over everything else. 

DO THE RIGHT THING: In my house, we have 3 rules, the first of which is “Don’t be a jerk.” This also applies to business. Be proactive, be fair, and own your mistakes. Speak up when you think something is wrong or could be better. We should always seek to do right by ourselves, each other, and our clients.

PRIORITIZE GROWTH: The world is not a static place, and we should always be willing to consider better solutions. We work to support each other’s growth professionally and personally, while also looking for ways to adapt to changes in the market. This also means partnering with clients to make recommendations, even if that means it’s not us.

HAVE FUN: No one got into this space to be miserable. So what we do should either light us up, or empower us to reach personal goals. Ideally both.


Everyone working with CopySnacks celebrates diversity and prioritizes inclusivity. We value human rights for all, inclusive of gender, sex, race, and sexual orientation. 

Everyone makes mistakes. We’re human. However, to work with CopySnacks, you must be willing to apologize and learn. We have a zero tolerance for bigotry, cruelty, or anything that makes others feel less than.  It all goes back to the cardinal rule, “don’t be a jerk.”

Sound like a fit to you?

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