First Impressions Project Week 10

First Impressions Project Week 10

Hey! We are leading up to the final weeks of the first round for the First Impressions Project.

If you think you’d like to get in line for a quick review, please apply to the project here.

First Impressions Project – Week 10

This week we explored these three sites:

  1. The Stable Mama
  2. Claire Inspired
  3. Hello Easy Makeup

The Stable Mama 

Johanna Buss with The Stable Mama wrote to me right before she was making her first pitch and wanted another set of eyes on her sales page.  Johanna helps busy moms start a business to spend time with their families.  She designed a comprehensive 6 week program delivered in lessons that fit into the life of a busy mama.

3 points that stand out for The Stable Mama:

  1. The video is great, but it’s a little bit backlit. If you’re able to reshoot with a simpler background, I think that will help.
  2. I’d love to see more pain points directed toward what the client is experiencing.
  3. I’d love to see your story in print, not just video.

Watch the full video for more details on what I found during The Stable Mama audit.

Claire Inspired

Claire Hughes of Claire Inspired mentioned that her site was built by someone who didn’t quite get what she did as a coach.  She has dedicated her life to helping women recapture their voice, build confidence and learn about what’s holding them back

3 points that stand out for Claire Inspired:

  1. The call to action should immediately be the main action, not the lead magnet.
  2. Using the word shop is a bit confusing as it generally means tangible products and not coaching or courses.
  3. Refine the navigation and links throughout, changing up icons to reflect email vs a download link just clears up confusion.

Watch the full video for more details on what I found during the Claire Inspired audit.  

Hello Easy Makeup

Diana O’Marra recently made a switch from a membership site to courses and while she had already changed about 90% wanted a new set of eyes with her course launching next week.

3 points that stand out for Hello Easy Makeup include:

  1. The main image doesn’t really “say” much about makeup and appears to be a possible sizing issue.
  2. Use a Bolder font for the header, so it stands out more on the page and catches the eye.
  3. Make your pop up happen later.

Watch the full video for more details on what I found during the Hello Easy Makeup audit.

Want to participate in the First Impressions Project? Hop on in today and apply!   Learn more here,  

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