Featured Interview Authority Magazine: Five Things You Need To Build A Trusted And Beloved Brand

When Authority Magazine interviewed me about developing a trusted and beloved brand, I jumped at the opportunity. We covered so much ground — from how I got started in this space, my approach, and advice for anyone building a brand, including:
➡️A funny story from my first forays into entrepreneurship
➡️The importance of understanding your why
➡️The continuum between branding and advertising
➡️The importance of understanding your non-negotiables and goals
➡️Why your brand needs to be laser focused on your audience
➡️Why it’s so critical to have a well-defined USP and process
➡️Knowing that your brand will evolve over time and how to account for that
➡️Who I’d like to have lunch with

And so much more!

I’d be truly honored if you took a moment to read! And, if anything resonates with you, please let me know!

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