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For Clients to Take You Seriously, You Must Take Yourself Seriously

How do you introduce yourself? How do you WANT to introduce yourself? If you’re not claiming what you are, how will your prospective clients ever know what you want to be doing? If you want to write copy, you must call yourself a copywriter. If you want to design websites, you must call yourself a […]

4 Steps to Cutting Through the Overwhelm All Year Long

Today, I want to talk about something different than copywriting. I want to talk to you about holiday overwhelm. I do what I do because it gives me the flexibility to be there for my family and do all the things. But, I’ll be honest, cutting through the overwhelm this time of year is tough. […]

How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome As a Solopreneur

water droplets | how to overcome imposter syndrome as an entrepreneur

Imposter Syndrome affects almost everyone at some point in their career. Sometimes it relates to an entire job. Sometimes it pertains to a specific task or assignment. And sometimes it comes and goes. As a solopreneur or an entrepreneur, it can be especially hard to overcome Imposter Syndrome since you work primarily on your own. […]